Usage of shop=convenience

Hi everyone,

I noticed that I find the delineation between supermarkets and convenience stores a bit confusing. A lot of the smaller ICAs and COOPs are market with shop=convenience where I would thing of convenience stores more in the lines of 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån (which are also tagged as shop=convenience).

Have a look at this overpass query: overpass turbo

Is this tagging by design? Or did it just happen…? Is this maybe something to fix?


This was recently discussed somewhere. In my country, we followed the idea on how the icons for each shop is presented which simplified a lot of things while basically achieving the same goal.

Availability of shopping carts means supermarkets. Shopping baskets only = convenience.

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"brand" för Ica-butiker :eyes:

thanks! I’ll check out that thread as well

I could merge this thread into that one if you think it appropriate

nah, I think that’s not needed but thanks :slight_smile:

This issue is becoming more difficult to resolve here in Thailand. Lately, new 7-Elevens and Lotus’s Go Fresh shops have been selling fresh meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables along with their usual stuff. Historically that’s been mostly fast food, snacks, drinks, and personal care items. Yet these shops do not use grocery carts, only hand-baskets. I’m inclined to tag these as supermarkets but have not done so because there is significant disagreement about that.

I’m advocating no position here. I only wanted to fill you in on other similar discussions in OSM.

I would say that is not making them shop=supermarket if they are still really small.