Trees to tree rows


I’m quite new and I thought good to convert lines of trees (which are actually lined trees from the satellite view not just "close trees) into the “tree row” tags (whilst keeping data if the trees had some).
The idea behind was to declutter the map, help loading the map (sometime there is 250 trees in a small place) and reducing the amount of nodes in the database (~70B I saw somewhere).
Because the data of the trees are kept and what I changed clearly looked like lines of trees made to be in line, I think the changes were a good idea.

Those changes have been pointed at for 2 reasons. One being that I override someone else work, which I totally understood but I think it’s the nature of community? Someone does some work and others can build upon that.
The second reason is that by deleting the node, it harms those wanting to do like tree counts in a city. Which is totally valid to?

I think those points are completely valid and that the idea behind my work is quite valid too (obviously). So now I don’t know what to think about my change sets.

The point is, should I revert the change sets I did when "Converting trees to tree_rows»? If so, what is a good use of tree_rows as I never see them outside of stuff that I would I have done (and be confronted to)?