Unwanted necroposting

I created a “tree” tag and thought of crowd it with related topics, so I added this tag to 9 topics. Two of them had 0 replies, and they appeared in the “Recent topics” list, is this behaviour expected?

I’ve noticed that it does do that, and for that reason no longer add new tags to very old threads.

Whether it should do that or not (or whether it’s configurable) I’ve no idea.

I have also noticed if the topic has no replies it also adds it to the top of the recent topics list regardless of how old it is.

Reading through the relevant Discourse discourse post it looks like the reason this happens is that by adding a tag to a lone topic, you’re editing the most recent post on that topic. Which triggers a bump. (There are also some relevant posts linked in the “related posts” section there which i did not read through.)