Translate the whole topic

While reading a topic in a foreign language I have to keep pressing the translate button for each post.
Would it be possible to have a button to translate the whole topic?


This is the translator plugin we use

Please open a feature request with the maintainer to request this improvement.


Rather than start a new topic, I thought this may be the closest match to mention an apparent hiccup with the auto-translation?

Just reading this post: Verwendung von trunk.

When I hit translate, it didn’t work on the full paragraph:

" Could we agree that all motorway-like roads with structural separation and no speed limit are definitely drunk? Ein Beispiel wäre die B38 bei Weinheim Way: ‪B 38‬ (‪86145023‬) | OpenStreetMap, die ist nur primary, während das andere Stück Way: ‪B 38‬ (‪86145026‬) | OpenStreetMap trunk. Both roads are four-lane, structurally separated and partly without speed limit."

What would cause that?

It’s also worth noting that translation requests are rate limited. So when translating entire topics post-by-post you may well hit a timeout/wait message.

A single translate for the whole topic would be great (though perhaps it’s designed not to for cost purposes).