Катедралата във Варна

Катедралата подробно начертана от @marek_kleciak. 3D Визуализация.

There is still a lot to do on this beautiful kathedral, the recent 3D model is just one sketch with many bugs. If you wish to learn §d modelling in OSM please feel free to write me. I hae invented recent OSM 3D modelling approach known as S3DB. One friend from Poland did 3D plugIn for JOSM called Kendzi3D, my students from Brasov in Romania have done CAD Tools PlugIn and improved Kendzi 3D PlugIn for JOSM. Both are poorly documentated, sorry for that. Now I´m working on import of Blender 3D models in OSM. Anyway, when you once start to make 3D models you will get more “hungry” to do more.

If you’re looking for more work in Bulgaria, have a look at these notes 2410738, 2415216 and esp. 2410733 (the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy). Maybe the poster of these notes @Evgeny Shirinyan is interested in learning from you?

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Hi Richard, they (the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy) are more or less “user” and would make more 3D models and probably very, very good. But… recend modeling approach has limitations: So it is impossible to make model of one “ball” (only half circle are possible, or arch opening (see: https://www.turbosquid.com/de/3d-models/arch-in-classical-style-arched-opening-doorway-portal-arcade-3d-model-1985249).
I would suggest to organize one international 3D conference and discuss following Problem:
We have specification for the “top” structures of the buildings (roofs) but we don´t have specification for the “bottom” structures; the would allow us to make models of e.g. tunnels. So we can not do a model of the famous bridge in Venezia (venezia ponte rialto).
To write tools which allows it would be a set of few very nice diploma thesis for a group of students.