TomTom Map Roulette Challenge Refill - Fix Intersecting Buildings

Hello community!

I’m happy to announce that we have refilled the “Fix Intersecting Buildings” challenge with new leads.

You will find additional 500 tasks of this type in:

Our team will start working on this challenge in a couple of weeks. You can find more details about TomTom’s data improvement activities in Croatia on our Github page:

GitHub - Croatia

section Quality check challenge

I hope you will enjoy our challenges… and please let me know if you have any questions or specific mapping interest.

See you soon,


Thank you for that @DarioS_TT , every improvement on OSM map is welcome!

I’m afraid however that your team will find that the buildings situation in Croatia is quite bad. Many places have a lots of completely missing buildings, buildings of low quality and bad/mismatched alignments, non-squared buildings, overlapping buildings etc.

While I definitely welcome your effort, MapRoulette seems like sub-ideal choice here for most of Croatia. I understand that in some places, where 99% of the buildings are nicely mapped and only few are wrong, such approach might work very well!

In Croatia however, I’ve tried several of such tasks there, and in every case, fixing two buildings incorrectly intersecting was the the least of the problems - buildings were missing, those present were of wrong shapes and sizes, and drawn according to different alignments, old buildings which no longer exist were present, roads had to be adjusted too for edits to makes sense etc.
So for every “building intersection” that I fixed, I basically also had to fix at least several dozen other nearby buildings (at least at logical blocks between two streets) for any real improvements to be visible. That has been (needless to say) much more time consuming than anticipated, and not really fulfilling experience to me (as no matter how much I fixed, there were always seemingly infinitely more incorrect buildings remaining just few meters away).

I thank you for that work in advance! I wonder however, will your team strictly stick to fixing just that specific MR issue of intersecting buildings; or would they also fix other problems related to those building while there are at it, like I did (i.e. would they just move one of the buildings so they don’t intersect and call it a day, or would they also correct size, shape and aligment of those and at least connected buildings to match aerial images?)

Not to sound ungrateful (again: any and all work done to improve to map is welcome!), but if it is only going to be the former, I’m afraid that such superficial improvements would mostly only have feel-good effect (“aha, those automated tests do no complain anymore”) then them being real, tangible improvements (and thus it might be better to consider concentrating efforts on other other tasks with more usefulness).

OTOH, if they plan on doing more encompassing fixes of broken building in areas where those automated QA tests found problems with intersecting buildings, that would be more than awesome!

I personally prefer other (i.e. non-building related) challenges which have more tangible and immediate use then just aesthetics (which such building-related tasks mostly are). Things like missing roads, incorrect oneways, suspiciously overlapping highways, incorrect/broken routing restrictions, completely (not even landuse=residential) unmapped villages etc.

So I’d love more of things like this:

And refiils of those and similar challenges – those challenges sounded quite useful!

Other than all that, I find your cadence and sizing of MR challenges quite appropriate for this community (not too big to sound overwhelming, but small enough that completing them bring a closure and sense of accomplishment; not too often to feel like work and drown out other discussions, but often enough to wake up the forum, bring some challenge and incentivize mappers to get involved).

(sorry for the long post, but I hope you find the feedback useful, especially as we seem to rarely have time to provide it!)

Hello @Matija_Nalis many thanks for your feedback. Very appreciated!!
We have discussed internally and so we have started analysis on the issue that you have reported.
We are evaluating to propose challenges or tasking manager projects targeted to solve “odd/weird” shapes in building and, additionally we are selecting location where buildings (and possibly roads) need to be added. If there would be any suggestion on which region to start the analysis with we would be very grateful.
About your more loved challenges, we are happy that you liked :slight_smile:
Once we detect enough inconsistencies we for sure will propose new challenges or refills.

Thanks again for your feedbacks and please know that your suggestions are truly appreciated.
have a nice day and a great weekend


As stated in other topic, we are waiting for license compatibility conclusion: