MapRoulette challenge: Connect Isolated Highways

Hi Croatian Community!

I’m happy to announce you we’ve decided to launch a challenge in Croatia on Connect Isolated Highways.

You will find 85 tasks on Isolated Highways in this challenge: MapRoulette

Our team will start working on this challenge in a couple of weeks. You can find more details about TomTom’s data improvement activities in Croatia on our Github page:

see section “Road network challenges”

I hope you will enjoy our challenges… and please let me know if you have any questions or specific mapping interest.

See you soon,


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Well I’m confused why are some marked as isolated highways?
For example Way: ‪Banfi‬ (‪466613259‬) | OpenStreetMap in MapRoulette seems to be normal highway=service+service=driveway which seems to be normally connected to highway=unclassified. Why is it marked as isolated highway?

Or this MapRoulette - service=driveway which normally connects to highway=residential “Slovenska ulica”, which normally connects to highway=tertiary “Obrežje”… Why is it marked as isolated highway?

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Another improvements that could be made is that service=slipway probably should be skipped from “Isolated Highways” challenge (especially if it is inside industrial=shipyard, but probably in other cases too).

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Probably were false positive, sometimes it happens.
Thanks to have highlighted, next time I’ll provide a different kind of challenge

Interesting remark, thanks to have shared!
For me it’s important receive your feedback