Tolls on A2


Could you please check if A2 is for free. There are few small chunks of road with toll=yes tag.

For example here: 47.099092, 15.812300 has toll=yes does not have this tag.


Hello Dimo,

basically none of the austrian autobahn is free because you need a vignette/tax disc/toll sticker for all of it as far as i’m aware.
Never done anything on the Autobahn or looked up, so i can’t tell you how its done here (everywhere toll=yes or something global?)


Thus, entire A2 should be tagged with toll=yes. Right?

In my opinion toll=yes is only applicable to toll roads (such as Brennerautobahn, Tauern Tunnel, Bosruck Tunnel,…) where an extra fee is charged.
Otherwise these sections would not be displayed correctly in the OSM.

I tend to disagree. But you are right there is a problem if you are tolled on the motorway and then there is an “extra” toll for some tunnels. I’m not sure how to best handle this. But on there has been a (unsigned) comment with some idea.

At least this is how it is done on other motorways such as the A10 to my knowledge.
A different or maybe better solution (see above) would be to tag the normal motorways with toll=vignette (so far never used) and toll:hgv=transponder (because for vehicles > 3.5 tons you need a so called “GO box”) and to tag additionally tolled areas (none on A2) with toll=yes instead.

This tag is applied to any road which is not free. If extra fee is charged, probably extra fee=* tag should be specified, which indicates service provided.

Following is description copied from wiki:

IMHO, this tag should be added, even if road is not for free by default.


Inntalautobahn Vignette
toll:special=A12 Kufstein-Innsbruck

Brennerautobahn mit Zusatzmaut
toll:special=A13 Innsbruck-Brenn

Ich finde es nur verwunderlich, dass bei diesem Stückerl Autobahn (vielleicht in paar Hundert Meter) dieser Tag vergessen worden ist.

Bekanntlich zahlt man auf allen Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen in AUT Maut in Form der Vignette. Die hier diskutierten Strecken sind ja nur Sondermautstrecken, wo nochmals eine Abgabe zu entrichten ist. Ändert aber an der Aussage/Sache nichts, dass man Maut zahlen muss.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Does it mean that toll=yes should be added or not?

There are A LOT of such road pieces. Please try to execute following request:

Sorry for written in German.
Sure, toll=yes should be added due to the reason, the complete highway A2 as well as all all other highways in Austria are tolled.
Motorcycles and cars pay a “flat rate toll” (by toll sticker), trucks and busses pay a distance dependent toll (like in ITA, ESP and other countries).