The validator

Today, in Jhapa Distrikt, I wanted to add “landuse = farmland”.
But, unfortunately, I opened up too large area.
When I wanted to save changes, the validator opened a list of errors.
I spent more than 4 hours to remove them. With so many errors I have not yet dealt with.

So I please all the mappers.
Never and ever write to the server without removing all the errors that the validator shows us.
JOSM validator must be, mandatory, always active.

JOSM → Preferences → Data validator
or OSM Inspector

I found a lot of mistakes in tagging buildings like:
“landuse = B”
Please repair.

Thanks for that, Wladek! I agree, help to clean such bugs!

I copied this information from another thread into that which is more appropriate.

A very good tool for debugging is OSMOSE.
The imperative of each editor should be, after editing, check the area using OSMOSE.
The link to OSMOSE is in a template for each region in Nepal.
For example:

Click on “josm-zone”.

Set, at the left top, “Severity” to “all severity”.

Fix the error.
Back to OSMOSE and click on “corrected” or “positive”