Tag overflow! Where are my tags? Testing requested!

Overpass turbo is a great tool in locating where tags can befound on the map, but it requires some typing and knowledge.
To help me in finding the tags in the areas where I am doing most of my mapping, I designed this tool to do precisely that: show me where my tags are, and more important: where are they missing!

Do the test yourself:
Start up the tool and locate your hometown.
Then search for something you know there is, like all the Bakeries in your town. Are they on the map? Great!! Are they missing? You have some work to do!

This is the tool:

Help is available from with the tool, click on the questionmark in the menu, but it’s also here:
The tool is still in bèta and I would like you to test it and report the results, questions or remarks in this group.

Edit: location of the tool has changed.



Now version Bèta 0.08b with lots of enhancements.

Now Bèta 0.3b

Including the option to create your own set of tags you’re interested in:

You can save as many different sets as you like. They are saved in your cookies, so be sure to turn them on if you need this functionality.
With the load button you can cycle through all your sets.
Also the layout in the popup you see when you click on the map is much improved. Inlcuding working links to websites and wikipedia:

I rewrote the helpfile so that it now describes the current version.


In Taglocator version bèta 0.5b I introduced icons instead of colored circles.
You’ll find it here:


Bèta 0.6b has a much faster response time when clicking on the map as well as a much improved layout for the popup screen:

Taglocator is here:

Hello Marc, it is very impressive to see your rapid development work about Taglocator.

With some luck it will be mentioned in the next edition of the weekly OSM news blog …

So what about having an own page about Taglocator in the OSM wiki?

That’ s a very good idea which makes it easier to maintain than the current helpfile!
Thanks for the idea, I’ll start working on it tomorrow. I shall include the link to it in taglocator itself.

Taglocator is now in the OSM wiki:

Great! Good work!

Now we can add some interwiki links to other wiki pages that link to Taglocator, so that users can find it when browsing generally in the OSM wiki.

Will try on my own, but lack of time in these days …

In the most recent version (0.7b++) the limitation for the user-pois is removed. You can search for any key=value combination!

Finding fixme’s!
Another use for taglocator:

To find them, go to the User POIs and enter fixme as the only thing to look for. Press show. Ready!
There are many things to fix!!

And yet another way to use Taglocator.
Finding something which contains at least 2 given keys?
Enter the keys like so:

Here I used shop][tourism[/b].

And now a more complex example.
A wheelchair accessible bookshop with website and telephone.
Enter all terms on one line:
Note that the listing on the right is too narrow to show the full line, but it works!

The text you enter in the User POIs field will be copied directly to the overpass query, hence anything that is valid code there, is also valid code here. This makes it possible to set up a query that specifically ommits a key, like so:
will show you all the bookstores that have NO phone listing! You can learn much more here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Overpass_API/Language_Guide
Here is the example in New York:

Version 0.8b+++ some additions: (in the Various layer)
Finding all things to fix:

Finding all bus-stops: (Below is Madrid!)

Finding all images:

In addition also the City, Town or Village tags can be found easily.

Version 0.9

Taglocator name change: I now call it OpenPoiMap.
Some changes in the layout and ordering of some layers.
Also added the option to find public cameras (surveillance:type=camera)

Added another useful tag: office.

At the botton of the popup you see this (when you clicked the views and editors button):

If you choose the JOSM editor, it will open with the object that you clicked preselected in JOSM!

Also the button now remembers its state: if it shows hide it will do so for every subsequent poi you click until you click that button itself. It then shows: views and editors. Which is the default state.

The layout in the popup window now has all the main keys (amenity, tourism, sport etc.) at the top:

Be sure to read the wiki!

Now available under its own domain-name!:


Now version 1.01

Every key is now an active link to its wiki page!
In the picture above, if you click on ref, it brings you to this page:
All clickable links are red underlined if you hover-over.

Version 1.03.

A number of layeritems were added.
Minor adjustments behind the scenes.

Also the popupwindow now will adjust its size according to content.



This is also true for the area below the table.
The Views and Editors button grows the popup.


Here is an overview of all the layers available:

Please note that by means of the User Pois, any key:value pair can be selected to show on the map.