Serbian cyrillic is not being translated

Trying to translate posts in Serbian cyrillic (like e.g. this one) an error "An error occurred: The translator is unable to translate this language." is returned.

Trying to use Bing Microsoft Translator manually seems to work just fine.

Looking at the hints from similar problem I’ve stumbled upon discourse-translator/microsoft.rb at main · discourse/discourse-translator · GitHub which says sr: "sr-Cryl" which I guess is a typo and should be sr: "sr-Cyrl" instead. (I’ve suggested PR #101 there for that typo)

I however have no idea if that is the only problem or if there are more of them, but it would be nice if Serbian Cyrillic (and Serbian Latin, which seems to be failing too) could also be automatically translatable by integrated “globe” icon.


I’m not sure if I am asking this at a right place; could someone point me where it should be asked so Serbian can be translated?

Well it’s using the Microsoft translation service so I would imagine you would need to ask them to add it to the languages they support.

Copy/pasting text manually on Bing Microsoft Translator works just fine both for Serbian Latin and for Serbian Cyrillic. My FIX: typo for Serbian Cyrillic breaks its translation by mnalis · Pull Request #101 · discourse/discourse-translator · GitHub has been accepted in upstream Discourse-translator, and I guess someone made a change on instance too as original post Uvoz adresnog registra - pravila tagovanja adresa u Srbiji - #6 by mpele (and many more) in Serbian Cyrillic now translate just fine.

However, some posts in Serbian Cyrillic like this one still fail to translate with An error occurred: The translator is unable to translate this language error. As noted above, copy/pasting manually on bing translator website translates it just fine. Any ideas what might be the problem?

Serbian Cyrillic translation is fixed, but I think there is an issue with Serbian Latin (or detected as by Microsoft) where an error is thrown.

Might need sr-Latn added to the translation plugin. GitHub - discourse/discourse-translator

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Ah yes, that is probably why my example above fails - while the main of the body is in Serbian cyrillic, it quotes a message in Serbian latin (which I read just fine without translator help so didn’t notice :smile: )

Probably. Unfortunately it is not clear to me how to specify multiple values for one key :man_shrugging: , and I have no means to test, so I’ll leave it to someone better suited to make a PR for that. (me spotting and fixing that typo for sr-Cyrl was more luck than anything :grin: )

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I have now deployed a temporary workaround to fix both sr-Latn and sr-Cyrl.

The Pull Request upstream with the change.