Croatian can not be translated

I noticed today that the Croatian content cannot be translated with the built-in function.

Does this need to be enabled first or does the Microsoft service just not support it?

It works at

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My understanding is that we don’t need to enable individual languages, at least at the forum level.

@Firefishy is this something that can be tweak at the API account level?

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Discourse interface gets Croatian language support in the next release, we will upgrade once it is available: Request for Croatian language - translations - Discourse Meta

Croatian translation is indeed supported by Azure Translation services, which supports detection + translation, both are required for discourse translation extension: Language support - Translator - Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Learn

It appears the translation extension is missing the correct mappings: discourse-translator/microsoft.rb at main · discourse/discourse-translator · GitHub


As far as I remember, the language mapping in the translator plugin only contains languages that are also supported interface languages in discourse.
So, after Croatian is added to discourse, only then the plugin can be updated to include that also.


PR to add Croatian and other languages upstream: DEV: Add additional languages supported by Microsoft by Firefishy · Pull Request #87 · discourse/discourse-translator · GitHub

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Croatian translate change is now live and confirmed working. Added a number of additional languages.