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Category name


Is this a top-level category or a subcategory?


Description of its purpose and which open mapping groups it will serve

Subcategory for the Russian local community to discuss topics specific to mapping in Russia. It should replace the currently used forum sub-section found at users: Russia / OpenStreetMap Forum

Fancy icon (File:RUOSM logo.svg - OpenStreetMap Wiki).

Why is this new category needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

Discuss topics which are specific to Russia.

Is this a new space or does it already exist on other platforms? Where?

It existed before on forum

Current volume of messages on the former platforms, if any (per week/per month)

More than 3 thousand topics have been created. Now they write several messages a day.

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

The transition plan was not discussed. But I wouldn’t want to lose everything, because the forum often discusses the methods and rules of mapping.

(Optional) A link or list of the category specific guidelines

Old rules: Правила и навигация / users: Russia / OpenStreetMap Forum

List the usernames of the category moderators

freeExec (Profile - freeExec - OpenStreetMap Community) - Was chosen by voting on the forum and is the current moderator on the old forum.
profile on the old forum -

Zverik (Profile - Zverik - OpenStreetMap Community) - Was chosen by voting on the forum and is the current moderator on the old forum.
profile on the old forum -

A forum thread confirming their legitimacy - Выборы модераторов / users: Russia / OpenStreetMap Forum

Elections of additional moderators will be held later.


Hey, I am another moderator of the Russia subforum. I should mention that our community won’t participate in two forums at once. It’s just when the forum is closed, I’d like to have the entire history and everything here, just as it was. So the transition is seamless.


Hello, I’m also waiting for the transfer of topics from the old forum

Thanks for the request.

While we wait for the proposed moderators to comment here they are OK with the role, it would be great if you could edit the initial message adding their usernames in these forums and a brief description on why each moderator was proposed. This is asked as part of the process to provide transparency and allow a community conversation to happen here.

Additionally, if you can find a 3rd moderator it would be great to make sure there is enough people checking on the category.

Thanks again!

Question about the guidelines, do you intend to use them on top of the existing OSM Etiquette Guidelines that are used elsewhere in these forums? If so, once the category is created you will be able to c&p them into the pinned topic describing the category.

Yes, the rules in russian language are more preferred in our community.

I see thanks.

Also my question was about if you want to use those “in addition” to the existing OSM Etiquette guidelines (that might be worth translating in Russian for the wiki?).

Yes, they serve as a complement and extension. We will translate the wiki page in due course.

@freeExec just checking in case you were able to find a third person to help with moderation, this is highly encouraged to allow a good distribution of the responsibilities.



I would like to share here that a criteria for selecting new moderators has been recently approved:

There are just three changes that affect the current request:

  • Please review that all proposed mods fulfill the basic requirements to be a moderator.
  • At least 5 days of community discussion need to take place once all the proposed mods have commented accepting here.
  • A poll voting will be created after this discussion to allow the community to validate the final list.

Please, let me know if you have additional questions.


А почему субкатегория Russia не включена в список ?
На форуме сказали что надоть больше заявок ,этот камент для лайков.

Hi @evgeniyakz

This is request is just waiting for the confirmation of a third moderator proposal.


If the problem is only with the third moderator, then I propose my candidacy. I’m not holding on to the position, if another candidate appears, which will be supported by the majority of the Russian community, then you can instead of me.


My understanding is that now there are 3 proposed mods: @freeExec @Zverik and @Grass-snake

As per the current Moderation Selection Criteria now the community has 5 days (including weekend days) to discuss about this proposal.

After that a voting poll will be opened for another 5 days to validate the list.


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Hello again everyone,

Five days have passed for the community discussion so now a voting poll is opened for another five days (plus weekend days) to validate the final list.

The list will be validated if it gets at least 80% of yes votes. Note that votes (who voted what) are public to help identify any abuses.


Do you approve @freeExec @Zverik and @Grass-snake to be category moderators for the “Russia” category?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)

0 voters


Напомню, что Zverik известен тем, что при голосовании на форуме набрал наибольшее количество голосов против, а после этого забанил участников задним числов, то есть за то, что не входило в период его компетенций.

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Меня спрашивают про эти выборы.
Это не выборы, а шантаж. Или берите, что есть, или не будет вам российского раздела.
Может лучше отложить голосование и набрать еще кандидатов?
Ну и со сменяемостью наблюдаются основательные проблемы.

Мы можем вспомним прошлое голосование на по выбору модераторов раздела
Ветка с горячим обсуждением тут (большая часть именно обсуждение кандидатуры Zverik)
результаты голосования и процедура подсчета голосов описана тут

Распределение голосов тут:
Как мы видим, лидер в номинации «Против» это Zverik : 25 голосов

Кандидаты много что обещали, но много одиозного писал именно Zverik, а потом и реализовал.
К примеру он выступал за отсутствие четких правил, которыми должен руководствоваться модератор
за моментальный бан нескольких участников

В ходе его деятельности на посту модератора к нему было много претензий о предвзятости модерирования, преследования за критику приложения MAPS.ME, одним из разработчиков которого он являлся.

Посмотрел требования к модераторам:

  • Actively contributing in the community conversations at least in the last 6 months.

Два сообщения за год в users: Russia, одно за полгода, это достаточно активно?

Как-то голосование получается втихую, без оповещения.
Случайно узнал из ссылки на старом форуме.

На Россию 44 голоса это наверное очень много ?