RFC Oceania community category moderator status

Greetings fellow Oceanian OSMers,

The Oceania category has been running since early November 2022 and we are required to review the status of the category’s moderators at least once a year.

If you want to know what the guidelines for moderators are then take a look at the Moderator selection criteria. I would like to highlight that if anybody feels that a moderator has stopped fulfilling any of the points in the requirements list at any time, they can flag it privately to the @forums-governance team and do not need to wait for the annual review.

@Sam_Wilson has indicated that he does not wish to continue as a moderator, which leaves this category’s moderators as:

The Oceania category has had 58 new topics over the last ~1.3 years which is about one per week. As far as I know over the same period there has been three moderator actions, or about one every 5 months. Given the low level of traffic three moderators appears to be enough.

What we are seeking is any comments on:

  1. Are the moderators fulfilling the requirements of the role? (if you want to respond privately you can do this to @forums-governance)
  2. Is three moderators enough for this category?
  3. Does anybody wish to volunteer as a moderator, if you think this answer to 2 is no?

This topic will be open for 7 days.

I’ve only been around for a while, but I think that the moderators are doing a fine job, and at one post per week, 3 is plenty.


  1. Yes you are, with thanks for your efforts! :+1:

  2. With the lack of traffic & issues, yes, 3 would seem to be enough.

  3. No, thanks very much! :rofl:

Slightly OT Footnote:

A bit surprising (to me at least) that there’s so little traffic here, when AU list still gets some posts that aren’t repeated here, & Oceania forum on Discord is quite busy?

I was the opposite. One post a week was more than I would have guessed.

For comparison the talk-au list has had 57 new topics over the same period if you go off the message threading in the mail archive talk-au. The conversation do go on for longer on the mail list, for example that NPWS path deletion has been an ongoing topic since September last year.

I think 3 moderators is sufficient given the number of messages. Thanks for your service.

Thanks for the post. I’m not very active here but I do keep an eye on activity, and I’m sure the 3 mods will be plenty and are doing a fine job.

Thanks everybody for your words of praise.

Thanks to @Sam_Wilson for your contribution as a moderator.

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