Revert (bulk) deletes of addresses on POI

The issue was discussed in the Italian community forum started by @damianeue, about removal of addresses from POI and off buildings which are purpose build for a business such as an address included in the OBI building where the ‘rule’ in Italy is not to attach addresses to a building way, rather to a node placed where the address shield is, often the streetside gate… to simplify the description, best practice, don’t attach business info to a building in Italy, rather create a POI at center of such a purpose build structure to comply with the rule.

The CS 147128761 in question has several hundred POI hit by this action without prior discussion, my interpretation being, no address on a POI, only the hard way to match an address to a POI. Moreover, the addresses were removed from the POI but no address nodes being created in place when sampling (for proximity matching as was theorized) i.e outright information loss. An example: Q8 fuel station POI: Node: ‪Q8 Easy‬ (‪227918964‬) | OpenStreetMap… cant seem to find the address node, nor an address for the hairdresser on the other side of road, which it had before.

Frankly this is… and 4 months later, only few days ago realizing it was not only the post office in Montesilvano I noticed this on and asking the gentlemen. This bulk info delete action is overdue for revert, were it not so much water has already crossed below the bridge, only a massive conflict issue arose when I tried in JOSM other than painstakingly doing it one by one. So, the question is: How can the addresses only be restored without breaking the rest that has changed since

edit: link to CS from which the address deletes need reverting Changeset: 147128761 | OpenStreetMap

I support a revert.


Done. Changeset: 151660818 | OpenStreetMap hitting 427 objects. Corrected lots of phone/fax/mobile number tags and E123 formatting, and yes the business data on buildings requires moving to POI, the lesser problem, the addresses for them are back.

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