[request] enable discourse-telegram notifications plugin

I’d like to propose enabling plugin and configuring bot forwarding Discourse notifications to Telegram.

After enabling this plugin any Telegram user can authenticate himself and recieve Discourse notifications to his account as messages in separate conversation with a bot.

It requires installing plugin and setting up Telegram bot. I can set up Telegram bot and provide ready to use API credentials. Telegram allows to transfer ownership of bot to another Telegram user, so I can transfer it if requested.

Plugin annoucment (2017) and detailed installation procedure is here:

Plugin is actively developed at Github.


General OpenStreetMap group at Telegram have 1527 members, I know also regional groups for Ukraine (666 members), Belarus (381) and Poland (90).

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Hi @kubahahaha

Are there other ways to enable notifications without having to add a plugin to the site? Maybe using the API or RSS/feed features? Note you can already have mobile notifications using the mobile site or the discourse app.

I know adding additional plugins is something that is carefully evaluated and the default is to avoid any additional pieces that require maintenance, specially when the technical time is limited.


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Hi and thanks for taking a look.
I didn’t find any free RSS client (bot) for Telegram without ads. It probably can be done with email notifications forwarded to Telegram bot, however I didn’t investigate it yet.
I believe if it could be done without extra plugin, that plugin would never be created.

You can receive push notifications from Discourse Android app? I only see number of notifications when I launch app, it’s not really useful as I do not use any other Discourse site.

Plugin looks solid to me - it’s maintained for more than 5 years, by someone from core Discourse team members, have regular updates and many active installations.


I looked into:

and it seems it could be possible without plugin - but not easier to maintain as it requires writing some code, keeping it running and dealing with sensitive data. I know that you expect someone else to handle it, I’d like to have this feature working somehow, so we have different perspectives :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a thread previously about RSS with notifications - seems it’s not possible (yet).

@Firefishy can provide better technical perspective on what’s preferred to install or not.

In terms of the need, I would suggest to understand how many people is looking to have something like this, and then see what are all the options to solve that need (including the ones that require no additional code on the forum).


Sorry, I am not in favour of installing the plugin. I would recommend trying to find a route via RSS as suggested earlier.

Why? The plugin isn’t officially supported and adds an additional burden to maintaining discourse.

We have to be super careful about what we install due to limited sysadmin capacity.