Currently no login possible

currently users get the http-error 502 Bad Gateway if they try to login in, reported in the old forum by user @whb.

I can reproduce this behaviour in an incognito-window and hope it will be fixed soon.

Best regards

Could you try again. There was some disruption yesterday.

Still not working.

Checked it out in an incognito-window and with my secondary computer with different browsers. As @ToniE said, it is still not working.

Additionally there are no mails if I (and not only me) get an answer to a posting like this one.

This should be fixed now.


Thanks, working again. :smiley:

Thanks from me too! :+1:

I’m getting the e-mails again.
However, the e-mails that should have been sent during the disruption are apparently not being sent.

I didn’t expected them to get sent. Usual behaviour is to create such mails on saving the answer on the fly, putting them in the send queue of the mail server and that’s not dependent of being able to login.

I presume the error log of discourse will have some items of not being able to connect to the mail server …

Thanks for the fix.

So it is not possible to rely on the mailing list mode.

What I have written is based on guesswork, not knowledge.

I believe it was the first disruption of this kind and there may be a possibility to send those mails that didn’t get sent. I didn’t think of this because I’m not actively using the mailing list mode.

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Actually I believe Discourse has it’s own internal queue and I’ve definitely had email for at least some posts made during the time when outgoing network connections (and hence email) were broken.

Sorry, I was wrong about not getting emails at answers. My setting was “only when away”, so Discourse was right not to send me emails since I wasn’t away.

I can’t speak for @whb because I don’t know his settings - but he was away for sure.

I did some research to see what posts published during the disruption were emailed to me after it was resolved. The mailing list mode is and was activated. Times in UTC.
The last email, before the outage was:

I did not receive any e-mails for posts published between Sunday 9:19 and 20:25, with one exception, presumably because it was sent to Discourse via e-mail and not through the website:

Thus, during this time, many published posts have not been emailed to me.

After the problem was fixed around 11:36 on Monday, I received the following e-mails, which were triggered by posts published during the disruption:
First date: Post published.
Second date: When the e-mail was sent to me.

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