Released OSM sticker pack for Telegram

Hello, everyone?
I’m trying to create an OSM sticker set for Telegram.(Do you already have an OSM sticker set for Telegram?)
I have collected the following images along with (region, country) logos in Logos - OpenStreetMap Wiki, and I would like to include these as default.
However, I need more fun images related to OSM for more fun chatting.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the image editing skills to create great images.
If you have any images related to OSM that you know or have made, please give me suggestions.

Please understand in advance that I may change direction or give up if I do not gather enough interesting or original images.

텔레그램용 OSM sticker set을 만들려고 합니다.(혹시 텔레그램용 OSM sticker set이 이미 있나요?)
Logos - OpenStreetMap Wiki 에 있는 (지역, 국가)로고와 함께 아래와 같은 이미지를 모았고 이것을 기본으로 넣을까 합니다.
하지만 좀더 재밌는 채팅을 위해서 OSM과 관련있는 재밌는 이미지가 더 필요합니다.
안타깝게도 제가 멋진 이미지를 만들 만한 이미지 편집 실력이 없습니다.
혹 여러분이 알고 계시거나 만든 OSM 관련 이미지가 있다면 제게 제안을 해 주십시오.

재밌거나 독창적인 이미지가 충분히 모이지 않는다면 방향을 바꾸거나 혹은 포기할 수도 있다는 것도 미리 양해해 주시기 바랍니다.


I’m thinking of including the (region, country) logo found at Logos - OpenStreetMap Wiki and the one below as a default.

If there are any regional logos missing, or if you have any funny OSM-related images, please let me know.


National’s images decided to create separately later.
There are a lot of them, and I have to collect them, and removing the shadows is too cumbersome.

Is this all the logos for each region? - ‘National projects logos’ page in the OSM Wiki documentation
Can I just include this?

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I made several samples.
Any better comments?
What kind of situations do you often encounter while editing OSM?
Please recommend fun images related to OSM or map editing.

(If you don’t have a recommendation, I’m thinking of putting a picture of my face. :rofl: )


I found an “I love OSM” logo/sticker that you might want to include: File:2019-09-I love OpenStreetMap.png - OpenStreetMap Wiki (I saw it on OSM Promotional Material Programme - OpenStreetMap Wiki)


퍼블릭 도메인
Hi, everyone.
What is the more common use of the ‘public domain’ mark?
I often see the left one in OSM, but usually the right one.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Please tell us your thoughts on the 13th, 14th and the last image from the top left.
    (왼쪽 위에서부터 열세번째, 열네번째 그리고 마지막 이미지에 대한 의견을 주십시오.)

  2. Do you think there is more to be added besides the OSM-related logos below the 15th?
    (열다섯번째 아래로 있는 OSM 관련 로고 말고 더 들어가야 할 것이 있다고 생각하십니까?)
    There are quite a few more, but we will reveal them later. (That’s about 60 images in all.)
    It’s almost coming to an end.
    Please give us your comments and ideas.
    (시간이 얼마 남지 않았으니 여러분의 의견과 아이디어를 주십시오.)

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Do you have any more advice?
If not, I’ll give myself a day or so to finalize my decision and sign up.

:zap: Kaboom!

OSM stickers are now available for Telegram.

The set is called “OpenStreetMap23”, meaning it was created in 2023. (Someone else has already claimed ‘OpenStreetMap’.)
I’d like to encourage other people to create stickers with good images so that the numbering can continue to grow.

Thank you.
Your words have inspired me and helped me.
I hope someone else will make a better sticker pack.

You can see a preview of the sticker set HERE. :arrow_backward:

텔레그램에서 쓸 수 있는 OSM 스티커가 나왔습니다.
2023년에 만들어진 세트라는 뜻으로 'OpenStreetMap23’이라 지었습니다.('OpenStreetMap’은 이미 다른 분이 선점하셨네요.)
뒤에 붙은 숫자가 점점 늘어날 수 있도록 다른 분들도 좋은 이미지로 스티커를 만들어 주시면 좋겠습니다.


Those look really cool. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much.
I am touched by your kind words.
I hope the stickers I created will help you have a fun chat.

I would like to thank everyone for their help and ideas in creating OSM stickers for Telegram.
I have organized a survey of likes and dislikes for sticker images.

텔레그램에서 쓸 수 있는 오픈스트리트맵 스티커를 만드는 데에 도움과 아이디어를 주신 분들께 감사드립니다.
스티커 이미지에 대한 선호도, 비선호도 조사를 마련하였습니다.

WeeklyOSM SotM


I used a picture of Steve Coast that was published in the media, so there won’t be any problems with the portrait right?

If not, I’ll just have to put a mask on it like the one below… :sweat_smile:


And,… a survey of likes and dislikes for sticker images.

I made and uploaded a sticker pack for Signal.


Someone wrote the following in a survey answer.
“Please create, at least one or two, sticker of cartoonised Bjørn Tore Larsen, the founder of OpenStreetMap.”

Who is ‘Bjørn Tore Larsen’?
Does anyone know?

What I want to know is, what does he have to do with OSM?

Who is ‘Bjørn Tore Larsen’?

I think he’s an ex chairman of OSM Maritime Group and of OSM Aviation, and currently he’s the chair of OSM Thome.

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