I would like to obtain permission to use the portrait right of the photo

Dear Admins,

As I wrote in this article, I am trying to create an OSM sticker for Telegram.
I would like permission to use portraits of two people whose faces can be recognized.
File:Map limsehouse.jpg
It’s a opened photo, but I want to be sure to get permission separately.
Is there any way to get permission?
And, somewhere it says “CC BY-SA 2.0”, but I’m not even sure of the copyright.
I also want to be sure about copyright.

It’s an important moment in OSM history, so I really want to use it.


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  1. You should write to uploader at User talk:SaulAlbert - OpenStreetMap Wiki - thogh chance of responding are low

  2. Images at OSM Wiki were often uploaded by people ignoring copyright or being unaware of copyright, making their legal status unclear or broken in many cases - though ones from OSM activities are far more likely to be work of uploader