Re-ignoring previously ignored content

Right now, has a few hidden posts in it.

I can view one by clicking on “View ignored content”, but there seems to be no way to re-ignore hidden content? The nearest I’ve found is “refresh”, which seems to reset the view of the thread at the posting immediately before the hidden on (imagine …/overturemaps-org-big-businesses-osmf-alternative/6760/3000 was ignored, refresh would take me to 2999).

Am I missing something - is there an obvious “re-hide” button?

Apparently nobody knows as there is not a single reply after 1 month. I believe I have tried all buttons availble in meantime and I doubt there was some kind of a re-ignore button. So far I have encountered hidden post only twice, opened both and then just continued reading … I didn’t even think about re-ignoring them before continueing and I believe that is what 99+% of all users would do. That said I believe the Discourse makers did not bother about such a button.

Next time I run into a hidden post I will give it another try but I’m quite sure you have already found the most effective and simple solution by just using the browser refresh button.

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