Railway=station as an area?

To clear up any confusion, here are some statistics about current usage of tagging combinations that denote the track number at a railway stop:

Other countries not mentioned appear to have a mixture of the above tagging schemes.

My point about ref or local_ref being redundant on a railway stop is that railway:track_ref, in its original definition, was intended to represent that track number.[1] In countries where it’s common to simply tag railway:track_ref=* and leave the railway=stop without a track number, it would be unreasonable to enforce a tagging scheme that requires each stop to match the track number of the underlying railway.

  1. This definition was expanded about 4 years ago to represent “track number” more broadly. ↩︎

I have reverted the changes of Tag:public_transport=stop_position - OpenStreetMap Wiki, see diff (@gymate).

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