Public access defibrilators (emergency=defibrillator)

I would like to increase the detail of tagging for AEDs and so have created this post for people to discuss and then maybe we can come up with a proposal and more documentation on the wiki.

Most public AED have a main colour of the housing to make them easy to see, unfortunately this isn’t standardised so i want to record the “main” colour. Usually it’s either yellow, orange or green but sometimes it’s transparent. I believe colour=* will be sufficient for this even though the defib itself isn’t necessarily this colour.

Some defibs have a glowing lamp on them or near them to make finding them easier. I would like to tag this with something like

defibrillator:lamp=no/green/red/yellow etc

Sign above
There’s often a small sign nearby, I would like to tag it’s presence but unsure how


Sometimes an AED is contained within an old telephone booth, with a cabinet inside the booth. The booth=* tag can document the type of both, eg K6. Not sure if any other tags are needed to indicate it is inside a booth. I would also like to document whether inside a telephone booth would mean inside=yes or no because I could go either way

Container cabinet/bag
Some AEDs are in a bag hanging on the wall (mostly indoors). Most outdoor AEDs are in a cabinet on a wall. There isn’t a tag currently to detail how it is mounted/contained


Cabinet type
There is already a tag for the type of cabinet but it doesn’t have much documentation or use


Wiki “Type of cabinet the defibrillator is stored in. Values could include vertical_door, horizontal_door, twist, mechanical or no”

I think the two door options are overkill and would like to use “door” as another option. I’m not sure what “mechanical” means

We need a tag to indicate if the cabinet is locked and if so how it is unlocked


Access public/private/ emergency call

Most are usable by members of the public but require a key code to access. I believe access=public is correct but there needs to be another tag to indicate you have to call a phone number

There is a tag to indicate which phone number you call, is it’s presence enough or do we need another tag ?


Some examples of different style defibrilators:

Round green no lock,_Tomasz%C3%B3w_Mazowiecki,_Poland.jpg

Yellow cabinet keypad
[ on front wall of Building in Bantry.jpg]( on front wall of Building in Bantry.jpg)

Phone box cabinet keypad
[ in a former phonebox, Bell Street, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.jpg]( in a former phonebox, Bell Street, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.jpg)

Totem pole orange sign
[ device at L10 Fengtai Railway Station (20210916154732).jpg]( device at L10 Fengtai Railway Station (20210916154732).jpg)

Green keypad Lamp

access=yes seems more standard across OSM, though access=public is not really bad

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Opening Hours
As another user pointed out on the mailing list we also need some way of tagging that the opening hours of the AED are restricted by a building that it is accessible through
Perhaps something like?

opening_hours=inherited or something similar maybe?

restricted does not make clear why

Or just copy opening hours?

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I’ve tended to say access=customers to imply this. Maybe opening_hours:inheritance to be filled in like an operator tag?

I suppose the “proper” way using just existing tags might be to create a site relation and put the hours on the site for all affected amenities (including the toilets etc), but that starts getting unwieldy very quickly.

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Thanks for the replies so far

**Children / paediatric Pads **
Some defibs may be suitable for use on children but others may not. There should be a way to tag this even if it’s not possible to determine it a lot of the time.

There are some new AEDs being fitted on advertising boards along with telephones. This is a way of sneaking advertisement boards in public places and taking advantage of looser planning rules for amenities.

But the question is, should these be mapped as one node or two or maybe three nodes? They are the same piece of street equipment with three functions.

You can put them all in one node

But then, is it always obvious which service the secondary tags apply to, eg access, hours etc?