Proper naming of USFS roads?

I’ve seen several ways of people referring to roads in USFS areas, but would like to know what is the standardized way of referring to or naming them?

I’ve seen them prefixed with things like:

  • Forest Roads
  • Service Roads
  • FR
  • FSR
  • USFS
  • National Forest Road

…usually followed by the number then.

My concern is mostly about the prefix before the road ID. What is the standard? Are their different road types like they have in cities (streets, roads, highways, avenues, etc…)?

Is there any government regulations or standards published on naming of roads in our national forests?

My recommendation is to first use what shows on the street signs. Since some don’t have street signs, then I go between USFS and National Forest Road.


BTW this was shared with me outside of this forum that helped a lot.