Power tower design questions

Two questions. I think the first one is simpler.

  1. What would be the design on the tower in this image?
    There are towers like this all over the US, particularly on older higher voltage transmission lines, but I don’t see a definitive answer on the wiki. Would you say design=one_level or design=delta or something else?

  2. Is there a consensus view on whether to use power=tower or power=pole on large metal transmission poles like the one in the picture here?
    Tubular steel electric power towers
    For a long time I was tagging them as power=pole even though the wiki says to use power=tower for anything with transmission line voltages. In the US I consider that to be 69 kV and above. The one pictured is most likely over 100 kV, so according to the wiki we use tower, but it’s still just a single pole, though larger than a standard power pole on a minor line.