Potential Note Duplicates worldwide - September 2023 Update

Well the .osn file is 1 GiB in size, that’s certainly not something for the forum, if you like however, I could give you all non-closed notes that have StreetComplete in the text.

Not just right now, am out of house until this eve.


this is relatively easy to obtain using existing tools: but limiting it to duplicated ones would be interesting

Though maybe I should just process note dump by myself

@Mateusz_Konieczny The wiki page now contains a superscripted “SC xx.x” where the latter is the version number of SC that created the notes. There are 114 notes in the 22k that are duplicates.

The list has been updated at Oct 3rd 2023, 05:00 UTC

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The list has been updated at Oct 4th 2023, 04:45 UTC

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thanks, started processing them and found some hints why bug may happen: Multiple Notes created in the same place for the same poi · Issue #4853 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub

(help welcomed but I plan to review all of them so they will keep appearing only if bug still exists)

The list has been updated at Oct 5th 2023, 05:00 UTC

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The list has been updated at Oct 6th 2023, 10:45 UTC

In addition to SC (“StreetComplete”) there are now MM (“MapsMe”) and OM (“OrganicMaps”) markers for what application added each note.


The list has been update at Oct 8th 2023, 06:20 UTC

In addition to the markers for the software creating the notes, there’s now also UD! (“User Deleted”) showing the 214 notes, that have been created by users that have since been deleted and will most likely not open via the website (Issue on Github: Error 500 on showing note with no visible comments · Issue #2146 · openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website · GitHub)

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Cleaned up the notes for Montenegro.


Thanks, and also welcome to the Community :smiley:

Thank you - glad to be here! :cowboy_hat_face:

After not even two weeks since this topic started, already a big change in the notes’ stats is shown.

For real, great job everyone trying to keep the map clear of multiple notes (and actually looking them up and not just quick sweep) and @kmpoppe for triggering this action traffic (even though duplicate notes according to your stats are sorta stabilized over 22k, but it still made others looking up for old and forgotten notes aswell).


note that this big drops are due to current month not yet being complete - is there really notable change in statistics?

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Probably not, still, thanks @jimkats for the praise :wink:

Btw. the list was just updated at 06:31 UTC Oct 12th.

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this list was definitely very useful!

The list was updated at Oct 13th 2023, 06:23 UTC.
Now more countries[1] have moved to their own page to reduce loading time of the main page.

[1] Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Philipines, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

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If Organic Maps still works like Maps.me did a couple of years ago, their users have no idea when they are creating notes. I think the new poi form has a text field at the bottom where users write users write a description. Maybe they think it’s required or increase the chances of their edits being “accepted”. That creates a note.

Actually users have no idea about changesets either. The app creates them whenever it’s convenient and never tells the users.

Sounds like the worst nightmare of anyone thinking data-consistency was a goal to achieve :face_exhaling:

The vibes I get from those texts would indicate such a thinking - how it came to be I wonder.

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This problem seems not reported at Issues · organicmaps/organicmaps · GitHub from a quick look