Parking restrictions and exceptions in marked areas

I’ve already asked in the German community but decided to post it here for a wider audience.

Basically, the current parking restrictions may be lifted in marked areas in Germany:

(Translation: Parking allowed in marked areas.)

For that matter, the sign isn’t really universal in that the additional sign could be interrupted i.e. the first sign no-parking sign (which marks the start of the no-parking zone) has it, the next one is a continuation (two arrows) doesn’t.

I’ve gotten the following solutions:

  • Add parking:<side>:markings=yes and write down the restriction anyway (which is my solution, though I’ve never used it in practice)
  • Add parking:<side>:markings=yes but omit parking:<side>:restriction=*
  • Map the individual spaces spearately and use parking:<side>=separate with parking:<side>:restriction=* on the carriageway.
  • Split the street into multiple smaller sections to tell where you can park and where not

However, I’m not a fan with any of these answers for various reasons so I decided to better ask here for a better solution and whether definitions should change slightly to fit this issue more.

I usually map parking:both=no + parking:restriction=no_parking in this cases and map the marked parking spots separately.

Replacing parking:both=no with parking:both=separate is fine, too, in my opinion. But for data users and applications this difference doesn’t matter, because separately mapped parking spaces “overwrite” the rules on the centerline in their extent. (The OSM parking project is processing it like this.)