Où sont les prisons ? Belgique

Bonjour à tous !
Je demande de l’aide pour mon projet de géolocalisation des prisons du monde [Prisons of the World : Where Do You Find Them ? | Kaggle] (Prisons of the World: Where Do You Find Them? | Kaggle).

Il y en a 37 en Belgique (https://justice.belgium.be/fr/themes_et_dossiers/prisons/prisons_belges)

si vous voulez les valider, s’il vous plaît.

Maison de détention de Forest n’est pas sur OSM. Le nom français du Centre pénitentiaire école de Hoogstraten n’est pas dans la base de données OSM.

J’ai arrêté de mettre à jour les noms des prisons par moi-même, car je ne peux pas gérer les problèmes de licence.

Vous pouvez obtenir le fichier csv à partir de Prisons of Belgium | Kaggle

Avec mes salutations distinguées,
Denisov Sergey.

IDX name latitude longitude

0 Prison d’Andenne 50.504711 5.124581
1 Prison d’Anvers 51.213208 4.401239
2 Prison de Gand 51.053717 3.704719
3 Prison de Haren 50.896461 4.42654
4 Prison de Malines 51.034212 4.48421
5 Prison de St-Gilles 50.821157 4.347248
6 Prison de Termonde 51.029412 4.104993
7 Prison de Tongres 50.777924 5.466509
8 Prison d’Ypres 50.852393 2.878283
9 Prison d’Arlon 49.683923 5.807412
10 Prison d’Audenarde 50.842748 3.611772
11 Prison de Beveren 51.196413 4.307069
12 Complexe pénitentiaire de Bruges 51.208124 3.18818
13 Maison de détention de Courtrai 50.805892 3.287647
14 Maison de détention de Forest 50.817996 4.347358
15 Prison centrale de Louvain 50.871621 4.710335
16 Prison de Dinant 50.252916 4.917012
17 Prison de Hasselt 50.94529 5.326741
18 Centre pénitentiaire école de Hoogstraten 51.402157 4.781572
19 Prison de Huy 50.52006 5.244251
20 Prison d’Ittre 50.676291 4.233655
21 Prison de Jamioulx 50.354888 4.428461
22 Prison de Lantin 50.686944 5.530679
23 Prison de Louvain secondaire 50.878317 4.713183
24 Prison de Mons 50.459782 3.951676
25 Prison de Leuze-en-Hainaut 50.601964 3.647855
26 Prison de Marche-en-Famenne 50.257983 5.343809
27 Centre pénitentiaire école de Marneffe 50.566769 5.144389
28 Prison de Merksplas 51.356207 4.829484
29 Prison de Namur 50.470645 4.860233
30 Prison de Nivelles 50.602162 4.334148
31 Etablissement de défense sociale de Paifve 50.732894 5.529097
32 Centre pénitentiaire agricole de Ruiselede 51.088398 3.344128
33 Centre de détention de Saint-Hubert 50.039037 5.39751
34 Prison de Tournai 50.59879 3.399813
35 Prison de Turnhout 51.325114 4.941698
36 Prison de Wortel 51.399163 4.827906
  • The detention house in Vorst was already mapped, but with an outdated name. I’ve updated it now: Way: ‪Detentiehuis Vorst‬ (‪30631239‬) | OpenStreetMap
  • For the issue you spotted in Hoogstraten, well, that prison is in the Dutch speaking part of the country so it is not really an issue if it has no French name.
  • What are the license issues you mention? The federal government is usually the most clear when it comes to reusing the contents of their website, and indeed here it says it’s free of copyright: https://justice.belgium.be/fr/general_pages/gebruiksvoorwaarden
  • In Dendermonde (Termonde) your dataset still has the old location for the prison. The new location was already in OSM (I did have to update the old one as closed) and is also correctly mentioned on the website. You CSV is a little older then I guess?
  • Standardized the two FPC faciltities as a special type of hospital, not a prison
  • Working on adding operator tags to all prisons, making it possible to filter away stuff like youth prisons, operated by the regions.

Hi @joost_schouppe
I used data from https://justice.belgium.be/fr/themes_et_dossiers/prisons/prisons_belges in French because it was just easier for me to follow the information.

Thanks for Termonde, updated.

FPC facilities. Prison hospitals are still prisons for me.

As for licensing: User importing prison-names from official websites and sometimes deleting valid stuff (by mistake) - #10 by saldenisov. I have decided to stop inserting data myself. I will provide the data to local communities.

Thanks for your work!


Ah, I understand. Thanks for raising it here instead of trying to fix the whole world by yourself :slight_smile:
There’s quite a few healthcare:speciality=forensic_psychiatry institutes mapped around Europe, see overpass turbo. I would recommend simply adding that tag to your query (if you need all the prisons) or create an alternative tagging proposal. I can’t find any documentation on this specific tag on the wiki though…

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On OSM prisons are often outdated (for example, Russia) unfortunately, on OSM, there is no data on capacity and year of construction, which is why I will need to continue changing the world alone, while I do not find people who will want to join…

Right, if finished reviewing all the prisons in Belgium. All of them now have an operator:wikidata and operator tag. If you want just the “traditional”, federally managed prisons, you can filter by operator:wikidata=Q1469956.
Some special cases:

By the end, I started adding capacity & start date as well, which is usually documented on that federal website. I used this query overpass turbo to keep track of my edits. Should be easy to adapt that to highlight prisons still missing some details you’re interested in.
It might also be worth making a MapComplete theme, where you can create a map on this topic that can highlight the tags you’d like to see added. It could even link to MapRoulette to suggest edits to existing prisons.

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Thanks a lot for your work! Awesome. I will add to my kaggle notebooks overpass-turbo link.

Just added two more prisons: the “transitiehuizen” (Mechelen‬ and Gent. I found prison=pre_release as a good tag to describe what they do. I couldn’t find a wikidata tag for the operator, as it seems to be an ad hoc cooperation between two other organizations. I did add operator:type=private to indicate it’s a privately run prison.

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We also need this info at work, so I went and added capacity info (and completed start_date): Changeset: 145031807 | OpenStreetMap
capacity is always the grand total, de facto capacity.
If there is no capacity:female, that means it’s an all male prison. I did not add capacity:male.
I added capacity:psychiatry where available. When there was no concrete number, than I did not add a tag. So lack of tag does not mean there is definitely no psychiatric division there.
In Dendermonde, they seem to be still building, while already being open. So I added capacity:planned there.
On some pages they said stuff like “we have space for 100 people, but we actually have 250 people most of the time”. I’ve added the 100 under capacity:theoretically and the 250 under capacity in those cases.

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I wanted to map some in detail, but the jailers did not like the idea.

I am applauding while standing!

Thanks a lot, @joost_schouppe

I think it would be better to have the “capacity” express the designed for capacity, and have the actual number of current occupancy in a different tag. Using a feature with more than the designed for capacity usually means compromising

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Sorry for intervening, but is it really a good idea to have the actual capacity tagged in? It’s something that constantly changes, making it an ephemeral statistic for the end user.
Having the designated capacity only tagged in, makes more sense and in verifiability point of view, regardless of the actual usage which would be needed to be checked constantly, and I doubt prisons make frequent public stats their capacity.

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The “actual capacity” is not something that changes all the time, it’s more like “we’ve built this for 600 people but then decided we can just cram 200 more beds in there”. That makes it something relatively static, and to my intuition something close to a regular capacity=* tag. What would be you suggestion for this, Dieter?