osmand with google earth

Howto add google earth (satellite images) to osmand:
Menu > Configure Map > Map Source > New:
Name: Google Earth
Url: http://mts0.googleapis.com/vt/lyrs=s&x={1}&y={2}&z={0}
Zoom: 1-18
Expiry: 259200 (0.5 year)
Every thing else: default

Now you can add as over- or underlay.

Hope you like it!


Except that Google’s terms of service are incompatible with OpenStreetMap and any edits you do using Google’s imagery are subject to redaction.

@n76: Please explain where the problem is if I add this to my osmand app on my phone?

If for your personal use on your phone there should not be a problem. However if you make map updates via Osmand that use that imagery as a source there will be.

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Okay, that’s what I thought, it’s just for my privat use, the included microsoft sat images are very poor.
Osmand is really a great tool, don’t know many apps which allow such cool tweaks.

thanx for this great trick, but does not work for me… Using OsmAnd 3.9.10 from F-Droid.
I added gearth as an overlay map, but nothing is shown. When using gearth as map source, nothing is shown either…
Exactly followed your instructions.


The link Url: http://mts0.googleapis.com/vt/lyrs=s&x={1}&y={2}&z={0}
Returns the following error

  1. That’s an error.

Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.

Yes, the link does not work in a browser because osmand replaces the {?} with values.
Try http://mts0.googleapis.com/vt/lyrs=s&x=0&y=0&z=0 for example, then you’ll see google earth image. But in osmand you need the varable link above.

Please be sure to enable the online maps plugin: Menu > Plugins > Online maps: enable
And of course you have to be online :slight_smile:
I also tested your approach with using googe earth as map source, works as expected, you only see the sat image.
I’m using latest F-Droid Version 4.0.9, not sure if this may be a cause, I do not think so.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Expiry 259200 (o.5 year) What does this value mean ? After that date map not useable anymore ?

  2. Will the Google Earth map be updated automatically from time to time ?