Openstreetmap not attributed on map - What to do?

Here Licence/Attribution Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Foundation I read, that Attribution is helping the openstreetmap cause. This picture shows paths that I added to OSM from GPX traces (some of the grey ones, the exact geometry.)

Being outside of Germany, these are attributed to TopPlusOpen. I posted that picture to the German Community. Response so far: If you do a web search for OpenTopoPlus [sic!] you will eventually find a web-page where it says, that this shows data from openstreetmap that is up to the quality requirements of customer ( I looked at the map in my local area. What it shows is 100% taken from openstreetmap, unchanged.

The service operates from Germany. I am not from there. The service uses openstreetmap data in their map only for places outside of Germany.

I guess, nobody is in charge to contact them? Should I do?

Could we close this thread - this is beeing discussed in at least 2 additional threads in the German sub-Forum.