Offline Openstreetmap with own marker

Hello osm community,

you know OsmAnd? This is great because it works offline. My interest are in offline maps. The problem is a offline tile rendering or a using of pre-rendered tiles (big data).

OsmAnd rendered the tiles offline, from *.obf files. This is great, but too much of my coding knowledge. So, because of that, i use pre-rendered tiles.


  • *.obf for Berlin, Germany = 190 MB
  • pre-rendered tiles for Berlin, Germany = zoom 12-17 = 825 MB

For the displaying OpenLayer is in use. In this map it is possible to display own marker (points, lines = routes, vectors) and with Popups with informations. For this, a popup script is using. The own data are written in a JavaScript Object (Array/JSON).

Also, there is a local offline base map and own data.
To date I have 3 maps with different data.

The base map software is for free. The pre-rendered tiles for your place you must grab self. You can use the base map with your tiles and yor data for free and offline.

Because, my offline map is for Berlin, Germany, the tutorial is in german language.

Online Maps for example: Berlin Maps

Offline Maps and Tutorial: Mobile Berlin Maps

Wanted: Programmer / Coder, that creates a base map with chromium browser, also an App, that can use *.obf files and can include own data.

Have you considered using a set of vector tiles? This would seem to fit your use case better than pre-rendered raster tiles and avoids the dev work on rendering OBF files in a browser.

See Vector tiles - OpenStreetMap Wiki


Some additional context that might be of help to zermila: Geofabrik provides pre-built vector tiles for many regions.

Their Berlin tiles are only 35 MB in size (vs the 800 MB for pre-rendered raster tiles), and can be downloaded from Geofabrik Download Server (click the “vector tile package” link)

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Thanks for your answers. That sounds nice. But my coding knowledge is limited. It seems, that it is not so easy to include this *.pbf or *.mbtiles files in OpenLayers. Help is needed.