Norway subcategory

Category name


Is this top-level category or a subcategory?


Description of it’s purpose and which open mapping groups will serve

Same as users: Norway / OpenStreetMap Forum

Why this new category is needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

There is none that I can see

Is this a new space or it’s already existing in other platform(s)? Where?

see above

What the current volume of messages in the former platform (per week/per month)

Sadly very few.

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

Not yet.

List the usernames of the category moderators

Not sure how many have signed up yet. I can do the honors for now.

Hello and thanks for the request.

It would be great if you can provide an estimation on what’s the volume of community conversations even if they are currently happening in other platforms (even chats).

We are also asking for at least 2-3 people from the local community step-in to help moderate. Are there other Norway community members who would like to help mobilize and oversee conversations here?


I nominate NKA and FredrikLindseth for moderator roles, if they are signed up to this forum. I’ll ask them.

Currently, the traffic is pretty low, but the Forum is the only active Norwegian communication channel besides IRC at the moment. The traffic in the old forum is about 1 thread per month :disappointed: but if we don’t have a new category here, we won’t be able to move from old to new forum.

The activity in IRC is daily. Hard to measure but very active.

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Great thanks.

While we wait for @NKA and @FredrikLindseth to comment accepting, can you also add to the initial message their usernames and a brief description on why they are suggested as moderators (including yourself)? This is being asked for all requests for transparency.


Those are their usernames (in OSM).

All of us are generally active both in chat, forum, mapping and community and have been so for the past few years, not sure what else to say. I trust them both to moderate well, and I hope they also trust me. Activity on the old forum should speak for itself. I could name more but you only asked for two :slight_smile:

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Sure, I can moderate :slight_smile: :muscle:

I don’t know but I think NKA might be on holiday or something. Let’s use a ringer and suggest Mathias Haugsbø (Mathias Haugsbø | OpenStreetMap). NKA can join later.

Thanks for joining in Fredrik.

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The #communities:no category is now live. Additional moderators can be added once they comment here they are OK with it :slight_smile:


I’m here!
I accept being moderator

Added to the mods group, thanks @Mathias_Haugsbø!

Can I suggest you take this opportunity to update the Community Index page with this new category link?

You can do this by opening a new issue in their github repo, you might want to also provide update on existing channels for your community in case some have changed or are no longer used.


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Forgot to mention that it would be highly recommended to get the OSM Etiquette Guidelines localized in your country official languages, so people participating in your category can fully understand them.

This can be done on the wiki directly as other languages have already done.


I see here Create a read-only mailing list mirror - admins - Discourse Meta that its possible to create a read-only mailing list mirror.

Is it possible to get this mailing list,, into our community ?

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See this related conversation:

Let me translate polite Norwegian English into a dialect you might be more familiar with - “Is it possible to…” here means “Can you please…”. I already mentioned the link on IRC :slight_smile:

The linked message context is still relevant, the current technical resources are invested in the old forum migration, then on the Help site migration, and then communities will have to evaluate if mailing list migration is a thing for them AND if there are technical resources available to run that kind of migration.

Short answer: No, at this point it’s not possible to do mailing list data migrations to this forum.

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