Make another mailing list archive here

With Nabble gone for more than a year, the only other major alternative left is which lacks the more readable viewing modes as threads and collapsible replies to visualize long and complicated discussions. With the mailing list continuing to exist, and Discourse not growing bigger soon enough, is there any reason not to mirror it here for everyone’s easy reading?
Official guide: Create a read-only mailing list mirror - admins - Discourse Meta
What it looks like:

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

Anyone concerned about tags, so everyone.

Where on the platform does it happen?

It’s not on the list of categories yet.

How do we replicate the issue?

Look at the list of categories

Expected behavior (i.e. solution)

Have a category for receiving Tagging mailing list.

Other Comments


Absolutely in for this. If only replying was a thing, though…

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I’m happy enough with read-only. Interaction is a bigger issue.

I wonder what would happen with user accounts, since not everyone would be using the same email on the mailing list as their OSM username.

Related with this I think it would be good to agree first on a tagging-specific space on these forums

Ok, I did not think about doing this as a category vs separate forum. Would there any problem with having separate users, or not linking mailing list email to account here?
Having a new archive for mailing list and separating tagging here can be done in parallel. This is more technical, or about forum management. The structuring of tagging discussions is more conceptual and intertwined.

The conversation of migrating or bridging mailing lists to this forum hasn’t been advanced much because 100% of the technical time is now focused on the old forum migration and then will be focused on the Help & Support site transition.

Some people have already expressed their interest in moving from a mailing list to here, and we have started experimenting with enabling the creation of new topics by email in #general and #site-feedback categories, so people can use the forum as a mailing list.

Message mirroring or migration is a separate conversation that would need to happen if it’s a need for people (instead of leaving the mailing list archive and start fresh here).

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