Model railway clubs

After mapping a model railway club a few days ago, I looked around in vain for a page for them, but found nothing, except for a discussion from Germany that agreed that club=model_railway would be the best option:

So I created one!: Tag:club=model_railway - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I hope the model railroaders approve, but as always, all comments, additions or corrections are welcome!


Nice! There’s one I’m aware of that’s currently just a tourism=attraction, so giving it a more specific tag will be satisfying :smile:

Just to confirm, would you say this tag is applicable when the trains are large enough to sit on? Or only the smaller kind that can be held in one’s hand?

club is fine for clubs (traditionally common in some regions), but it is not a generic tag for miniature railways installations. There are also commercial model railways that are not organized as clubs, but are open to the public (for a fee or for free), either as a standalone attraction, e.g.
or inside a museum e.g. a small one here
I propose to add the length of rails as a property (the latter has 104m of rail, the former, world‘s largest according to their site, has 15400m of tracks.
I think leisure=miniature_railwaymodel_railway could eventually be a good fit for these although use is still a bit limited :wink: leisure=miniature_railway | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

There are also vending machines that sell the service of running a model train for a minute or so, inside a glass box:

They are currently mapped as Tag:railway=miniature - OpenStreetMap Wiki.

Thanks for making me remember that I was also going to cross-reference both pages to each other!

2 vs 11269 Tag:railway=miniature - OpenStreetMap Wiki ? :thinking:

I think that would be tourist=attraction (that I believe it currently is)

Don’t know what you’d call those, but no, definitely not a club.

correct, this should have been leisure=model_railway, I updated the paragraph.

IMHO the tag tourism=attraction is not a semantic tag that describes the nature of the thing, more a kind of a placeholder for the feature tag (or to be used additionally) and somehow stating “this is important”