MapRoulette integration with other editors

I just wanted to flag a ticket on the MapRoulette Github repo that was created by @tordans (thanks!). MapRoulette has an open API and a well documented challenge serialization JSON format. There is lots of opportunity for sharing / integrating tasks between MapRoulette and tools like StreetComplete, MapComplete, GoMap! but also JOSM and iD.

The reason I am posting it here is that I would like to raise awareness in the broader community in hope that we can develop these ideas together. Please comment in the github ticket. Thanks!


Do the editors support the newer task types? Like Cooperative Challenges?

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JOSM (and only JOSM) supports Cooperative Challenges. iD does not have the “communication skills” to pre-load external data as a separate layer.

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I was more thinking the mobile editors. Say you have a dataset that you want to confirm and align, Vespucci allows us to add a new layer with that dataset, then you can copy from it to the OSM layer. I think it’d be great to do that via MapRoulette instead of a local layer.

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Vespucci has had direct Maproulette support since ages (12.0.0 Release notes - Vespucci), AFAIK it was by years the 1st third party support for Maproulette.

The main problems are (neither are specific to Vespucci)

a) the user has no easy way to generate and copy the Maproulette API key to their mobile device, see Please make life simpler for everybody using the maproulette API (Question wrt client authentication) · Issue #476 · maproulette/maproulette2 · GitHub (open since 4 years),

b) the Maproulette API doesn’t provide a way to access all relevant data via a bounding box query or similar, aka it assumes continuous (fast) network access, see MR tasks in bounding box is missing task property information, mustache tags are not displayed correctly · Issue #955 · osmlab/maproulette3 · GitHub .

I hope everybody can understand that investing time and money in to supporting a 3rd party service only makes sense if the 3rd party service wants the support and in turn is prepared to enter a dialog about what is necessary to provide a reasonable user experience and actually, within reason, carry out corresponding changes.

As it stands, Maproulette support is available, but it isn’t something that I would promote in its current state.



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