Add a small village place on map

How to add a small village place on map? I tried many times but after sometimeit fremove. Is there anywhay that I can add the permanent place on it.?

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If a place is disappearing from the map, the most likely explanation is that another person is removing it. You should first look for the changeset in which the place was removed:

  • You might be able to see the changeset in the History view on the OpenStreetMap website.
  • OSMCha can be used for fine-grained filtering and inspection of changesets.
  • If you’re not sure how to find the changeset, feel free describe the place and ask for assistance here.

Once you find the changeset, read the comment left by the other person. They should have provided some rationale for removing the place. Maybe they mistook it for spam or a personal place, maybe they just thought it was inaccurate, or maybe you’ll learn some reason that it really shouldn’t be on the map.

If their reasoning is unclear or you still disagree with the removal, don’t just add the place again, but write a message to the other person the Discussion section of the changeset. You might ask for clarification, or provide some missing information, or even teach the other person about OpenStreetMap—but be friendly, as the other person is also just trying to be helpful.

Ultimately, the map is a shared space and the most challenging work can be the social effort of discussing details with other people, making compromises, and coming to consensus.


Can you link to the place in OpenStreetMap where you added it (just copy the URL bar and paste it here). That way, people might be able to explain what has happened.


From your user profile robertrocks2342 | OpenStreetMap I can’t see that you made any changes at all to OSM. Where and how did you tried to add information to OSM?