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Hello from the Mapbox Team!

In March 2023 our team is going to start a mapping project in Belgium.

The project was created to review errors in roundabouts data and fix it where there’s possibility for improving the road network and enough ground truth sources. We’re concentrating on road mistakes to improve map condition. We’re using the automatic process for getting the detections which is based on osmium and osmLint.

In cases of lack of up to date satellite or imagery the team doesn’t make any edits. And always taking care about local sources, which are the most relevant and unique for each country.

On our wiki page - Organised Editing/Activities/missing roundabouts Belgium - OpenStreetMap Wiki
and ticket - Reviewing missing roundabouts · Issue #420 · mapbox/mapping · GitHub
there is detailed information about the background, satellite imageries, timeframes, contact mails. Also, for more clear understanding we have osm wiki pages with more detailed info about how we deal with feedback (link - How Mapbox Data RAVE team work on receiving feedback from OSM users - OpenStreetMap Wiki).

We would really appreciate your feedback, any questions you have about this project, as well as local insights that you think will help us better understand the data.

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Member of Mapbox team,

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Thanks for the heads-up! In previous mapping endeavours, I noticed MapBox people using Bing or Maxar. Note that the the layers marked as “best” in the Editor Layer Index are in fact best - in every region (Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia), the best imagery is the data provided by the same region. There’s also a bunch of yearly imagery layers. There’s also a bunch of people following up on works as they happen. If you see stuff that is not reflected on the imagery, check the date of the geometry. Mapillary might also be more up to date than the imagery.