Lovske koče - označevanje

The only input to the discussion from my end is this consideration:

I haven’t taken the time to think about other aspects of the topic.

Not really, I think I’ve shoot out all the ideas I’ve had on the subject :smile_cat:

TL;DR: I’d personally mark them as building=cabin to mark architectural style of the building and as tourism=hunting_lodge (as that is most popular tag currently used) to indicate their purpose.
Do feel free to improve the wiki docs, add pictures, etc. though! That page is just a stub currently…

I do see where @martianfreeloader comes from though - that tourism=* might not be best chosen top-level tag in this case as hunting lodges are not primarily intended for tourists, but (in my humble opinion):

  • tourism seems good enough, as other things under that tourism=* key are also often used by locals / non-tourists, like tourism=museum, tourism=artwork etc.
  • visiting hunting clubs or individuals are sometimes invited to participate / given access to the hunting lodges, so sport hunting is a kind of a tourism anyway.
  • other alternatives (leisure=*? sport=*? club=*? amenity=*? nature=*?) seem even worse choices to me for it

In any case, even if better name could’ve been chosen, in OSM I personally highly prefer to just continue using the previously used tag instead of inventing the new tag with same meaning but in different namespace - just like I continue to use e.g. somewhat illogical shop=hairdresser instead of re-inventing the same tag under a different name – even though it is not really a “shop” and you can’t “buy hairdressers” (or any other kind of slaves) there… :open_mouth:

Especially as there seems to have been previous Slovenian consensus to use tourism=hunting_lodge for that purpose of “lovska koča”, and I see no particularly good reason to change that.

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@mk2k22 looks like this is undiscovered land, which gives you both the liberty and burden to use your judgement and do what you think makes most sense. :wink:

I think Matija makes good points above, so at the end of the day I’m fine with using the tourism=hunting_lodge tag as it seems to have the most usage.

I’ll belatedly add that I’m also fine with tourism=hunting_lodge, additionally since we do actually have a lively “hunting tourism” sector.