Long distance hiking trails project

Thanks, Iโ€™ve added the hiking tag to some recent discussions on related topics. If we all do the same weโ€™ll have a nice overview of relevant discussions on the tag page


I have :slight_smile:
I recently begun opening an issue for every single hiking trail in Sweden that I find in some primary source (municipality or similar website og open data)

The data I find I store in Wikidata, see Wikidata:WikiProject Hiking trails - Wikidata because it is a better platform to keep track of things and it can easily be linked to OSM with the linking tool i recently built

Well, in all honesty I have too. But I have kind of put it off, both because I felt very much alone trying to update information in the wiki, and because I had the feeling that more automated solutions could come from integrated QA & monitoring tools.

After exploring a bit (thanks for the tip!) and noticing that tags are free form, chosen by users (e.g. @pangoSE uses hiking-routes instead of hiking), Iโ€™d rather be in favor of the creation of a Community named โ€œHiking (English spoken)โ€ or โ€œOutdoors (English please)โ€, which would be both easier to monitor and more easily found by new users.

The machine translation feature integrated into Discourse (the little globe that appears next to the thumbs up button when youโ€™re looking at a foreign language post) works surprisingly well.

If you read some of the recent Korean posts, some of them actually make the point that having separate subforums per language is problematic because it excludes speakers of other languages, and the fact that the general forums are predominantly English speaking means that whatever is discussed there is just accepted as the global consensus without input from people who donโ€™t speak English well enough to feel comfortable posting there.
(At least thatโ€™s the point I think theyโ€™re making, based on machine translation of the posts, haha)

Wouldnโ€™t it be nice if we could have a discussion about hiking trails where each of us feels free to post in whatever language they want, and still we all understand each other?

This would work even better if thread titles were auto-translated and if we had multilingual tags or multilingual community names.


Yes, I was among the ones who suggested it originally. But as you guessed Iโ€™m talking here about topic titles. Browsing a list of titles in various languages to find the ones you may be interested in just defeats the whole idea of subscribing to domains youโ€™re interested in.

And believe me itโ€™s frustrating to feel the responsibility of transmitting ideas from my own linguistic community to this forum and back. Unfortunately, I must accept that even with auto-translation my compatriots do not feel like coming. Weโ€™re not there yet. Not far, but not yet.

โ€œOutdoorsโ€ would be good - thereโ€™s a lot of commonality between working with walking routes and cycling routes, for example.


Outdoors would be a good forum to dispute that statement! :slight_smile: