Log Out / Switching between users

Today it’s rather difficult to switch between different users on community.osm.org. When I’m logged in as user A, then hit “Log Out”, then try log on again with another user B, I’m immediately logged on with my previous user A. Switching users is only possible if I also manually hit up osm.org, and log off there as well.

Discource offers a config setting to define a “log out redirect”. This should point to the Rails logout screen, and ideally, once I have confirmed that I want to log out, it would take me back to community.osm.org.

Unfortunately, the following isn’t working yet as a logout redirect URL (referer can only point to an URL on www.openstreetmap.org), but that would be the ideal way for the described use case:


NB: Maybe Logout | OpenStreetMap could also offer an additional “Cancel logout” option, and take users to the referer page without logging them off, if they don’t want to do so.

Reported via Umzug auf community.openstreetmap.org Discourse (war Ende des Forums) (Page 5) / users: Germany / OpenStreetMap Forum - use case: environments with shared computers.

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I really don’t think people would expect logging out here to log them out on openstreetmap.org but then I also don’t think we should be encouraging people to post here under multiple identities!

Ok, fair enough. I’ve posted a link to this discussion in the old forum, so people know this isn’t going to happen. Thanks for the feedback!

User reported back that they didn’t know they need to go to osm.org and log off there as well. I think we can close this one, no further action needed.