Like icon fire too fast on mobile

When browsing on mobile, not logged in, the small heart under each post fires mistakenly when panning with the thumb.
Is it just me ? I don’t have the same issue on the french discourse.

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I haven’t experienced that myself, if you can reproduce it maybe we can report upstream to discourse bugs.

Reproduces here but not on e.g. — any way to compare the version numbers?

(Answer: View source and look for the <meta name="generator"> tag.)

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We are on the 2.8.0 stable branch.

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This appears to be fixed in 2.9.0.beta2.

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Can you test if this has been fixed now? I see the new stable release got some rendering issues.

No, this is not fixed in 2.8.4.

It seems fix to me, this morning.

Here’s the fixed behavior:


Here’s what I’m seeing here:


Apologies that Android has decided screen recordings no longer show touches, but pretend I’m scrolling the page by the heart.

Ah OK. The main issue seems to be resolved for me: when not logged in and firing the :white_heart:, I was prompted with the logging page, which disrupts a lot reading a thread.
This is no longer the case apparently.

For me this issue is not fixed. Latest Chrome browser with Android.

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I’m seeing the same popup here on iOS / chrome.

Can you check and fill a bug over bug - Discourse Meta with steps on how to reproduce?