Latest map (AUG 2022) for OSMAND available

Kepada sesiapa yang menggunakan aplikasi OSMAND dan perlukan map baru, silahkanla sedot… 73MB

(sementara aku ada wifi free)

update link baru semenjak Google update security apatah.

Kosong je?

Chaitt… FIXED.


New map uploaded. Latest as of 24 April 16.
Min zoom out level is at 10km scale in Osmand app. If you want the whole country showing at zoom out, perhaps you need the world basemap ( i don’t have one since it is 186MB in size, so can’t confirm whether you are able to see whole Malaysia at small zoom scale)

@kucai, thx for the map.
just want to check, on my osmand, I don’t see JB or Penang in this new map…
something wrong with my osmand or your map really doesn’t include JB & Penang?

I need to fix that I guess (I thought it was included during initial check in Osmand, turns out that I was looking at the older map files… duh!). It has to do with how the OSMand mapmaker works. Previously, I just gave the PBF file for Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei region as a file name to process, and the mapmaker automatically converts everything to their appropriate boundaries. This recent one asks me for a bounding box, which I thought was a bug or something redundant, so I made just an estimation of the region to be covered. Do realize that to put a rectangle that covers Malaysia would also mean including a lot of Indonesia too…

Give me some time to figure out this thing…

Latest map 15 may uploaded. and tested… yayyy…

Uploaded new map 17 August. Not tested yet but seems reasonable. Previous map 73MB, this one is about 85MB.

On a side note, I downloaded the latest mapfile from Osmand dated 1/8, but found out that the terengganu pantai hiway superimposed over each other. Previously, I had edited the hiway from non-divided to divided sections starting from Merchang southwards, and clearly changed the location and properties of the original hiway (I did that using the parallel tool in JOSM). Surprised to find 3 hiways on that osmand map made me double check them again in JOSM, and clearly there are only a pair as I last edited them. So something wrong somewhere… (and 80MB download of my data plan too… sheesh)

Peace yo!

Uploaded new map… 28 FEB 2017. File size getting larger & larger… :slight_smile:

A little tidbit
Compiling the map from pbf to obf takes at least 5 minutes… easy…probably more on my Compaq presario CQ40 with 4GB RAM. Uploading the resultant to Google Drive on a supposedly 1M Streamyx line took about 30 minutes…

File baru update for Osmand. If I have time I’ll try osmosis for Oruxmaps etc.

Processing still takes some time on an i3 laptop.

Is it same with Osmand offline map that update monthly in the app?

This is user:kucai’s own initiative, so if he has free time, he can get more updated map (than waiting for monthly updates). You can DIY too if you’d like that.

Oh I didn’t know anyone can DIY it.

Thanks kucai for your work. :smiley:

Extracts from can help!

Latest map for osmand available. 8 July 2018.

Trying to create map for orux/locus mapsforge based apps. Stay tuned.

Latest map osmand 24/8/18.

Also available for mapsforge based apps but without any coastline. Seems like a bug in the map plugin. Besides, trying to get the mapwriter plugin to work with osmosis is a challenge. I had to use osmosis version 0.40 in order to get it to compile. I’ll research the coastline work around later.

Latest map for osmand uploaded. Almost one year later :stuck_out_tongue:

Took about 15 minutes to process on an i3, 6gig RAM laptop. Failed to process mapwriter files (for Orux/Locust), got a “GC out of memory error” complain from java - stuck at 2.7gig memory consumed by the process. That’s a pity though, the laptop had been chugging away almost 15 minutes and I was pretty sure it was almost 90% done. oh well. If anybody wants to donate a Ryzen 9, let me know… ;):smiley:

Latest map 11 oct 2019 for Osmand.

Mapsforge for Orux didn’t seem to work, came out with error not supported map version 5 or something.

I created an OsmAnd map with my own style for South East Asia, which includes Western Malaysia and Singapore also (Borneo is not included). For more details, see my post in the Thai sub-forum:

Newest map for Osmand available for download. 27 Feb 2020. About 15 minutes of processing on a FX6300 with 12gig RAM. Could a been a wee bit faster, but I used the time command inside a window which closes as soon as Osmand is done processing. :smiley:

I tried to use Osmosis 0.40.1 to create map files for Orux and Locus users but encountered java heap max memory limit problem (otoh, this osmosis does accept map version 3). Tried all kinds of solutions from the net but still failed. Bernhard, if you are able to successfully produce those mapwriter files for us, I really appreciate it.