Latest map (AUG 2022) for OSMAND available

A map of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei with the style mentioned above can be downloaded from:

I am still experimenting with the workflow. When I created a map of Mallorca, I could create 2 maps: one with elevation contour lines only, and one with osm data only - worked well. But that strangely failed with Malaysia: the map creation process for the contour lines map suddenly stops, no error message, no result… WTF.

A fresh map of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei (without elevation contour lines) can be downloaded from

Newest map. 16 July. Files are getting bigger, also took longer processing time.

Thanks, this may because now most of the area in Klang Valley are in multipolygon and not point anymore.

Newest one for osmand uploaded. 18 Aug 2020. Still haven’t figured out how to deal with osmosis problem to create mapforge format files. Soon, I hope…

Finally a new map for osmand after all this time. 16 September 2021. And the file is getting yuge! (partly from stat padding i.e extraneous nodes/ways).

Mapsforge files is still unavailable since I can’t get past the thread error message on osmosis. Have tried multiple versions of osmosis (with different mapwriter plugins) without success.

Updated on Dec 15, 2021.

Be careful with the use of relations, i.e get rid of useless shit like that patin sangkar thing. Those relations took a long time to process that I almost mistook the program getting locked up.

Let me know if there is access problems.

In the mean while, osmosis is still hopelessly borked even with 20Gig ram - always with the same error (can’t recall now). I am reluctant to re-test compiling using mapwriter since it churned the SSD too much before failing not even halfway through.

Loaded new osmand for March 2022.

Loaded Jun 2022 available.

Aug 22 available but without transport index.