K=sac_scale, does it make sense in flat urban areas?

Hi guys,

someone asked me to include sac_scale into my mapsforge theme[1] . I did it and did not yet include an option, because I expected sac_scale only to be in mountain areas. European Alps etc. But now I saw a few in Germany/Rothaargebirge, even here:

Does that make sense at all? I’m feeling the itch to remove them from OAM. Remove or deprecate, whatever the best practice may be.


[1] GitHub - TapioOfTapiola/oam_theme_tapiola: Locus theme for OAM v4+, based on Settler theme

OK, here’s a debate with obvious points, like “it’s not wrong”… “but may not be necessary”.

From a themes POV you don’t want everything be painted in SAC1 colors. So you may add an option to turn sac coloring off. I may do that. Or don’t color sac1. Will see…

More reading, probably: Use of sac_scale in non-mountainous areas

Either way, based on the description of the lowest level of sac_sacle:

Trail well cleared. Exposed areas well secured. Terrain level or slightly inclined; no risk of falling with appropriate behaviour.

… i do not think any urban roads should have sac_scale, unless the urban environment has some kind of alpine section in it. The sac_scale tag is obviously made for alpine trail mapping, and notably “trail”, which suggest longer hiking routes rather than piece by piece sidewalks or paths in a park.

I think sac_scale would be as infrequently used as the piste difficulty levels for alpine skiiing — if the iD interface had not included it in its UI.

Agreed. Also an issue with it is for me: totally unnecessary clutter added to the database.

Here’s some SAC1 in Haardt forest. Some hills there…
51.70461, 7.22263

you are entitled to your opinion but you shouldn’t force it on others, I would not remove the sac_scale tag from outdoor paths whether they are in the alps or elsewhere. Less information is usually not better, sac_scale isn’t clutter on hiking paths

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In my opinion: no, because the scale was designed by Swiss Alpen Club for mountain areas (especially the alps).

I meanwhile made the T1 marker very thin and added a subtle caption. T1 also at later zoomlevel. Will be fine. Looked over my federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen, there’s fortunately not too many sac_scales around.

I don’t force anything. I asked.
I feel very happy for all people to feel safe. From falling off city cliffs or drowning on hills. SCNR :smiling_imp::beers: