JOSM - Remember 'custom' tags/values across edit sessions

In JOSM using the selection-tagging pane, you can add ATYL “any tag you like”. There’s many that are not in the presets or in “JOSM knows them” list. A few samples are road_marking=solid_stop_line and roof:shape=skillion_windmill, there are just very many like these not.

JOSM will remember one used these tags before during a session and in reopened saved sessions, but when starting a new layer, download an area, all of these infrequent tags are forgotten again.

Particularly storing the long ones that become typo prone or are in the class of ‘what was that again’ like ‘roof:shape=more_than_4_faces’ need to be typed out again and again in full across new sessions rather than being filled out after typing ‘more…’.

The Question: How can I get JOSM to remember these to be ‘known’ when starting a new session?


Edit: The immediate answer is in 2, the facility in 4, The “EasyPreset” plugin


I don’t know if you can make it remember those recent tags across sessions, but you can create your own JOSM Presets and them invoke them via standard F3 (preset search) functionality (like any other tag that JOSM understands).

That is what I’ve done for OSM tags that JOSM doesn’t have and I use frequently.


Thanks for your reply,

Custom prefs has definitely been on my radar since a request for enhancement to the standard / build-in presets is a little glacial which I thought was something done in the blink of an eye.

Have found that starting clean and new layer downloading a larger area, which I know has the ‘custom’ tags and values, they do show up in the tagging pane selection when starting to type or opening the pick list.

Another thing to discover is if tags added in 1 loaded layer cross feed into a second layer. Then I’ll create a help layer which I load together with my standard .joz set of images that I use. I’ll see if that’s another way forward.

Speaking as a JOSM dev, I would highly recommend creating your own JOSM preset file. But check and see if there already exists a preset for that.

For something like road_marking, I don’t think JOSM will support it until it is no longer experimental. I also don’t think we would add it without rendering support (AKA icons), since the whole point of the tag is for rendering.

There is also a couple of plugins for presets (easypreset and tagging-preset-tester). easypreset might be what you want, since it lets you make your “own” presets.


EasyPreset… Oh Ah Oooh, :star_struck: the doc reads as too good to be true and more than ever expected, particular the building off from a fully tagged object. Tomorrow will give it a whirl and see if it allows too to have a list of values for for instance
leaf_cycle=evergreen, deciduous etc
leaf_type=needleleaved, broadleaved
denotation=street, agricultural, decoration, park etc
Linking matching preset icons the icing

At any rate lots of build-in presets need an overhaul, speak added tags. This is smelling of possibilities and major typo error reduction and productivity enhancement, some biggies amongst them such as solar panel / farm tagging and charging stations

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OK, Matja_Nalis gave the pointer, vorpalblade_kaart the solution. Created first custom preset with EasyPreset plugin, chose icon, named it Roof Solar, has 7 fixed and 2 fields to fill. The tag selection pane gives link back to the custom and standard solar panel presets.

Selection tag pane

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I do not get what you mean. Patches for the defaultpresets are highly appreciated. Remember that any person is paid to work on JOSM. If you just want to play with the presets, you can easily store and modify defaultpresets.xml and load it in JOSM. External presets hosted on the JOSM server are even extended in a blink of an eye by everyone.

No, JOSM only picks up tags from the active layer.

See above, patches are welcome. Plus take a look at all the external presets which is the better solution for new tags, uncommon features and niches of special interests.

Last time I checked, I had problems with combo and multiselect but for quick creation or a first step it is really useful.

Just to say this is the best thing since sliced bread to include it allowing to include a link in the preset to the relevant wiki. Done half dozen so far, additions and replacements.


Edit: And custom preset #7, tree row with the missing denotation tag


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You should probably give my (forked a long time ago), version of the JOSM presets a go. We include substantially more items among other advantages.

See GitHub - simonpoole/beautified-JOSM-preset: Improved version of the JOSM presets

PS: if you use Vespucci you can create a variant of an existing preset on the fly (and from taginfo BTW), and if you want you can use that as the starting point for a more detailed one.

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Thanks, bookmarked to give this a visit when the endorphins have subsided.

Forging on, #8, a roof, for instance one on stilts, no walls, below which hay roles are stored.


Note the required layer=1 default, fixed so it’s not shown in the preset screen and AFAICS missing in all building/roof related presets, Max and Min height for the 3D rendering world. Yes, it’s fit for my mapping purposes :blush:

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Why not, #9, Pharmacy took some work, depending on where you are generates on full completion Only 20 tag lines, several are fixed, several simply tick boxes. Yes they work, unticking/untouched enters the no value, this sample has a door sill of about 12cm. Took some play as default blank = no, grey with another click omits the tag, if you want to. :eyes:

On a roll, skipping forward #13, something done quite a lot while touring around… snap shooting direction signs, then whenever add these to oneways, bidirectional forwards and backwards, route references and any symbols such as hospital, town centre, mall, airport what not, in a multi-selection box, all to reduce tag and other typos… the preset screen grows as more destinations are added to a single direction.

Did notice in the preset icon selection screen that the Italian traffic signs were used, but easy preset has truly hundreds of icons to choose from, for this one using the guidepost.

Not yet bored, #15, Milestone for roads and a whole selection to pick from in keys and values, the curious one being signpost 764 times and (on face same spelling) signpost 13 times, but the hover shows there are a half dozen unprintable character suffixed… Eventually came to the sensible set, though used 4.3K times, was unsure what to picture with a milestone in the shape of a ‘pedestal’, so searched found an object unfamiliar to me https:// Pedestal Mile Stone, West Wycombe | Old milestone at West Wy… | Flickr (remove space before Pedestal in link to get the picture)


Only #16, City limit sign, the original JOSM preset does not ask if it’s a beginning or end sign and asks for the colour back but not for the colour of the text… duly fixed


Oh and multi-select as a sign on the back might simultaneous have the end sign

Not figured out why the city limit takes such a large space to only choose between begin and end, but does not dilute the fun I’m having schmerzing out all my little mapping pains in tagging.

FF # 28 Parking, street side, the condensed version.


Since the parking tagging schema changed the custom prefs was adapted ad hoc for the JOSM standard, just orientation=* in area and nodes of this amenity. Started suffixing the custom preset titles with bracketed numbers to speed up and exact searching for the right one. Kind of in state where 95%+ of my mapping is done with custom preset, no more key/tag typos and always knowing the rare tags too in a new session \o/

SF # 31 Solar Power Plant custom preset, never miss a tag, never a typo, never confused with solar power generator of which I found another one today, never tags offered I don’t use but every 3rd blue moon, fit for purpose :yawning_face:

And #5 attempt at creating a custom preset has evolved a bit… instant adaptability to what is learned while mapping and reading around, yes milestones come in single and double sided and sometime have a second ‘carriageway’ reference. The standard preset only has distance and a single ref, no type, no direction, a minimalist version so to speak.

(And now you know where I’ve been mapping today ;P)

Another instalment for those who need more custom preset ideas, # 32, sports pitches, adding the almost everywhere here, futsal, and padel courts popping up every sunrise these days. Lit option and still to add area=yes/no checkbox for when it is mapped as a simple racetrack closed line, maybe add lanes for athletics and moto sports… truly custom.

@SekeRob perhaps you should consider publishing your evergrowing JOSM Preset?