JOSM - Remember 'custom' tags/values across edit sessions

Given the JOSM toolbar on my screen only allows 53 icons to be affixed, went to look for ways to combi the commoners, grass, grassland, meadow which render identical anyhow and have identical preset icon at that first took on wood and forest, again with same preset icon and below came out. Leaf type and cycle seletions are identical, so that was easy peasy, would it though not be great to just choose wood or forest and the preset putting the proper key before that :slight_smile:

Yes, change your mind from wood to forest and you end up with both tags, not seeing the forest be-for-e the trees. JOSM validator is quite fine with having both landuse and natural on the same object, so far. Can’t remember if QA progs ever got snippy with such a tagged object.

Are you aware you can group different presets together? e.g. How in Presets menu you have Facilities group, and under it you have e.g. Leisure group, etc. ?

Putting 53 icons directly on the main screen sounds like a mess to me… :person_shrugging:

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On a role, #39 through #42, to include 1 for the local constabulary, wiki, short name, brand, the works.


The toughest was though #42 building outline and parts, getting the pick lists filled with recognised building types general function, just 72 and roof shapes, over 50 which are not all supported yet in the new Surprises too such as having a church with an apse_gabled roof. Just tag gabled and you get a nice rounded end on the building.

Better start honing your drawing skills to get some spires done like on the Sagrada Familia… yes you can

On closer look, the main building has gone awol

Ever so simple improvement over the standard preset for farmland

Old: Only get to pick circular irrigation, yes (or no if you want) which in taging translates to irrigation=pivot


The world is though bigger than farming methods e.g. observed flying over Libya and South Africa so looked in TagInfo what are most common forms and explaining it as a much wider concept of

"Specifies the type of irrigation on farmland or whether a waterway carries water to be used for agriculture

so this got roled out as a customization


Yes, ploughing furrows in the land and then funneling water into them is an irrigation method too used, a lot more than just the 74 entries in the OSM data base, maybe just because no one is interested or because the list of methods is not offered in that standard preset. Ditch and Canal will surely tickle a few fancies.


Edit: some grammar

Following several recent community discussions, expanding custom preset #29, orchard

The JOSM standard


The new and improved stuck to the toolbar for click and add/select values to include a note field in case this needs revisiting, least used at the bottom.


Chances of forgetting something substantially reduced let alone, the nul chance of accidentally creating a new key such with Crop instead of crop, yes we all surely know all keys are small, AFAIK ALL keys are in small.

Following a German forum discussion, click click click created #54, the lane ‘Divider’ custom preset… dispenses of a bunch of needless and useless turn restrictions which navigator software never gets to evaluate simply because they won’t ever plan a route for those moves anyhow.

The preset does:

A. Are there lane_markings (yes/no)
B. If so, the 6 most common seen in TagInfo


and for green lines which signal a speed limit of 100kmh, not a peep

Revisited ID where me was mapping for 2 years before starting with JOSM. Did I use a lot of French, particularly with the presets because I never bothered to look at the keys what their exact spelling was… metal_sheet or metal sheet to name one. Today was the time to revisit, rip and augment what ID has opposed to the JOSM vineyard preset with just a name field as option, no operator, no vignette, no grape variety, so now like it a lot better what’s on the toolbar.


Yes we do Trebbiano, Cerasuolo a bunch of others, AND foremost Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, superior to the concoction they make up in Tuscani with the grape of the same name. Now just to add the picklist to the custom preference (and no Rieslinger or Mosel or Bin 5, just custom to me needs :yum:)

Since we have countless ‘greenhouses’ few of glass, most (semi) permanent plastic covered constructions, no walls, just round frames spanned with plastic ground to ground it was time to do a preset for this and building:levels=0 comes in handy here. There’s only a roof so to speak. The colour is not what was colorimetered, more blueish, but hey, the rendition of the shape comes out as prescribed and always right, round or gabled.

The tomatoes grow in the open air here so that’s not what’s in there ;o)

Since we have countless ‘greenhouses’ few of glass, most (semi) permanent plastic covered constructions, no walls, just round frames spanned with plastic ground to ground it was time to do a preset for this and building:levels=0 comes in handy here. There’s only a roof so to speak.

my interpretation of these would be building:levels=1, as they have one level (this is also what I would tag on a building=roof which is really just a roof (elevated, not down to the ground)

At 94K seems to have garnered some traction, and there’s also in the simple 3D roof:levels with just over 3 million usages, so I’m going for the ATIL. :O)

Edit: Done a whole bunch more greenhouses with me custom preset and how the one in the back comes rolling out old style pre-preset

Still at it, made another, #61 for gantries over roads as the frequency of mapping these is sparse and thusly forgotten WTH the tags were used last time. The name suggestion index did not offer anything useful either, only toll booth. Soooo, made a custom preset with the essentials and catering for multiple articles being carried on the overhead beam. This one has traffic information led boards and traffic signals on it and works as a height restrictor at same time since the one worked on today was just before a tunnel… usually those are maxheight:physical=default

#63 the result of being flummoxed repeatedly to include a QA I shall not name reporting the street_cabinet=gas/water/power set of tags as being deprecated long before the proposal was put to vote, I kid you not. Devised a new combo one which has a subset of the street_cabinet values filling the utility=gas/water/power/telecom etc per revised wiki and leave the remaining under old trusted street_cabinet coming out as

No more being caught out by the standard presets, on this subject
Yes we do, yes we can.


Stumbled on one in a Kartaview image so off I went for another Custom Preset, #68


Seem to be the only one mapping them in the region, popping up left right and centre. Surely there will be a map by civil defence where they all are but it’s more fun just mapping them on first contact ‘verified’.