It don't show to which message I responded anymore


I hope you can help me with this issue:

The issue happen when I reply to a specific message in the german-forum.
In my reply it do not show, in the very up/right corner of my message, to which message I reply to anymore.

About two weeks ago I have not noticed this issue at all.
And it looks to me that other users do not have this issue.
But I noticed way more reply’s (in german-forum) that do not show (in the very up/right corner of the message) to which message the reply is for.

So maybe there is a general-issue and I am the only user who notice it.
But maybe there is mistake done by me that I am not aware of.
But I think that I don’t do anything different compared to about two weeks ago.

Maybe there was a general-admin-change some users have not noticed
and a byproduct is this issue.

In the last days I helped myself with the use of @username but I am not happy with this workaround.
I thought maybe the issue will disappear by itself in a few days - but it didn’t.

What I want (1st-screenshot) :

What I get (2nd-screenshot) :

Thank you in advance for your help.
Greetings Peter

For info, it’s not the fact that you edited the reply - I did that with one of mine here and who I replied to is visible along with the fact that I edited it.

My guess** is that perhaps Discourse doesn’t show you who you replied to if that reply is currently the most recent in the thread, even if you explicitly chose to reply to a post, not reply generally to the thread?

There are plenty of other examples where “nanny Discourse” doesn’t let you quote text the way you want to, or use the characters in your reply that you want to.

Edit: ** yes - it looks like that. Here I explicitly replied to a post, but Discourse has removed that information.

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test reply to #1 filler20filler

test reply to #2 filler20filler

test new filler20filler

There is no change if my reply is to the currently most recent in the thread.
Mostly I explicitly chose to reply to a specific post (99%)
and only rarely reply generally to the thread (1%).

It worked always for me in the past (up to and included October 29th) - as far as I remember.
That is why I think this a general issue / bug (since November 1st → I have looked this date up in my profile a minute ago).

I hope there is a fix for this issue.

I really don’t get it - now it’s there:

Why … ?
I have not done anything different.

I see two different outcomes depending on whether I choose to reply to a post (be it the last one or not) or to the thread, but in either case, the post/thread I’m responding to is shown:


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test reply to #3 filler20filler

test reply to #4 filler20filler

test reply to #5 filler20filler

test reply to #8 filler20filler

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I have thought about that in the first place - as written here before.

I don’t know why it almost all time works in this thread
but not in german-forum (for me since November 1st).

In #3 it has not worked.

My first test (test reply to #1 filler20filler) wasn’t like my expection.
Perhaps because it was a reply on the last post, it looks like my 3rd test

Here it don’t worked:

And here it did worked:

I can’t figure out why it only sometimes work and not always.
My procedure is always the same.

In this post it has not worked again.

Wait, are you talking about the actual reply once it’s published, not about the composing interface for the reply? Because I in the composing interface I can always see who I’m replying to (an individual post or the thread), though it appears on the left as seen in the screencast I posted above.

I suspect the actual post, once published, doesn’t show who you are replying to if it’s a response to the immediately preceding post.

EDIT: indeed, this was the case: I wrote this post as a reply to your last post, and saw that indication in the composing interface, but once published, it didn’t show up in the thread as being a reply to your post specifically.

Yes, that’s the case. Also if you use the reply button at the bottom of the topic and you are just replying to the initial message.

Is it possible to change this behaviour? It is incredibly confusing, as can be seen by this thread.

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I’m not fully sure I understand what’s currently confusing.

Is the ask to enable the “in-reply-to” link in messages when the reply is to the message directly above? Is there a need for an expanding in-reply-to link when the message is just on your screen above?

That’s at least part of it, yes. More generally Discourse shouldn’t try and second-guess what I did and think I meant something else (replace characters I used with other characters, or remove part of my reply, for example).

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