Is it allowed to announce my own work here?

Hello all;

Just wondering if I am allowed to announce my own work with links to my github repos. here?


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I state exclusively my opinion here, but I suspect it is at least partially shared by others in the OSM community as I say this:

I’m comfortable you “announcing” here (in this Discourse) that you’ve completed your own OSM work. That might be a chunk of effort that has a recognizable milestone (like all the bike routes in a county, all the natural=wood in a forest…). It might be you announcing a completion (or milestone) of an OSM tool on GitHub, I’m OK with that “here,” too. But “your work on GitHub,” especially if it is not OSM-related, well, no, that seems inappropriate. Maybe “unwelcome” is a better word.

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In general yes, as long as it is strongly about OpenStreetMap.

And is not some press-release style.

See say `osm-river-basins`: Website to show how are rivers in OSM connected and OpenAEDMap - a map of Automatic External Defibrillators

In general: if primary reason is to make people aware of nice tool then it is welcome. If primary reason to post is to link your github repo, then likely it is not.


Depends on what that is. If it’s related to OSM, like if you’ve created an interesting renderer or a tool that helps with fixing errors or editing the OSM database, sure, feel free to post it. if it’s not really related to OSM, probably don’t post it. But as long as you don’t create spam, why not simply write about the stuff that you’ve created. If people find it inappropriate here, they will tell you (and in the worst case your post will be deleted).


It is all OSM data related.

thank you for replying.

I appreciate the answer,

thank you very much.

Thank you all who replied.

Just wondering if I am allowed to announce my own work with links to my
github repos. here?

Yeah I think it’s OK (I’ve done it). So long as you’re enganging in regular OSM community membership. i.e. Are you just gonna fire & forget, or are you trying to work with others in the community? If so, it’s OK

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What I am working on is my life … there is NO fire and forget about it.

Best regards

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Hey @Wael_H as doubtlessly now what say you’re doing is OSM related you’re most welcome. You could use the Diary function on your OSM account to share your trials and tribulations of your OSM life and if it peaks interest it might even land as an item in the Weekly OSM newsletter. We can donate to the communal endeavour in a multitude of forms to include coding up maps that will have many an interest.

Have a nice day.


Welcome to announce your OSM contribtion, I’m glad for your contribtion to OSM community