Image preview of mapillary link

in a topic, linking a mapillary image gives link, not the image.

for example, the topic How to tag an arch **symbolising** entry to area holds links to images on different platforms, only the ones on mapillary do not get rendered as images.

I think this is because Mapillary does not follow the specification, e.g. no preview image can be loaded by the Discourse server.

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I’ll ask the team what we might need to do to get this to work!

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@habi @mariotomo as far as we can tell, Meta/Mapillary has everything needed. So it should work on Discord but it’s not clear why:

Meta tags are here: HEY META - Website Meta Tag Check

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… so, where’s the ball now? can I do something to put it back to rolling?

I see at least in the preview an image embedded

I use this link:

which results in this preview box having the small version of the image visible.

Is this the missing preview? Then it works for me…

let me see …

or does one need the whole link, not just the pKey?

no, it works just fine, just the pKey, then wait a bit until you get the miniature.

would it be possible, a just slightly larger miniature? possibly through an extra parameter besides the pKey, like width or height?

and what must we do, to get the preview in an old message? re-editing it?

re-editing helped. a larger picture would be nice.

I guess this should be possible. The image link in the meta header is this:

  <meta name="og:image" content="">

This will load a 1024x576 pixel version of the image.

The relevant code to create it is IMHO this:

GitHub search does not show me any related location where the image_height property is set. Maybe someone more familiar with Ruby and the code can have a closer look.I guess there is a location where it is capped. Also somewhere must be code which transferred the resized preview image to the uploads folder of discourse.

Maybe a better way for us would be to create a specific onebox handler for mapillary and not use the generic handler. That way you have more control over the final layout.