I can‘t see my edits

I am very new and made some changes but I can‘t see them on openstreetmap after saving them. Why is that?


Hi, Everything you’ve successfully added is listed in your changesets, please see here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/anzilimut/history#map=3/30.67/36.69

Maps, especially POI can sometimes take a little while to re-render everything. The only slow things are the two bars in changeset: 141390676, but when looked at individually they are shown.

In the standard Carto view in your web browser you can hasten the refresh in zooms 10m - 1km by hitting Ctrl+F5 or the equivalent in MacOS and Linux. From zoom 2km the Carto Standard map only updates Friday night (that’s about 22:30 UTC). Again Ctrl+F5 is needed to force a local cache refresh. Other map renderings have different timings.