I am looking for a location "Murray Cove" in Canada

Hi, Since there is no Canadian forum here, I’ll try its neighbor.

In a TV series called “The Swarm” and set on Vancouver Island, a “Murray Cove” is themed. I can find this location on OSM and on the internet elsewhere in the world, but not on Vancouver Island. If it does exist there, I would appreciate it if you could set up an appropriate node there.

If you want to watch the TV series with the mention in English, you can download it with subtitles and find the scene at minute 11:25 to 12:35.

Then hover the mouse on the icon under the word “Video”.
“UT” means subtitles.

This could also be a fictional location, since according to Wikipedia the filming took place in Italy and Belgium.


I would assume the town mentioned doesn’t actually exist. Most shows make up a fake name to hide thier location. Especially when they chose the area purely for the scenery.

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@Tirkon: Most of the stuff of the “Mediathek” of ARD and ZDF are geoblocked, so without VPN nothing can be downloaded from the US or Canada :wink:

Looks like it could be this place? Not on Vancouver Island but not far northwest of it

Youre both right. However, one of the producers said in an interview that regardless of the filming location, all of the mentioned geolocations actually exist. And according to this episode (min 21:41) the fictional “Vancouver Island Marine Institute” of the shown whale-researcher is positioned in/on “Murray Cove”. Therefore, there would be a chance that the location actually exists. At least the orca whale shown in the scene is not fictional but common there.